Which Cars Come with a Bluetooth GPS System?

April 9, 2012

A bluetooth GPS system allows drivers to use their smartphone's navigational system, which can be more flexible and up-to-date than dashboard systems.

Bluetooth GPS System

Many newer cars come with a Bluetooth GPS system. Bluetooth is a wireless system, and as long as the car has a receiver, Bluetooth can be used with your phone, without the need for additional devices like earpieces. Because many states have now banned driving with a phone, hands-free systems are highly desired. Purchasing a vehicle with Bluetooth already installed will ensure that the system works from the get go. There is no need to install the system yourself.


The UConnect Bluetooth system is available in many Chrysler vehicles. This system is a voice activated communication system, completely hands free. The Sebring, Pacifica, Town & Country, 300, Aspen, PT Cruiser and Sebring convertible all come with UConnect. Bluetooth is not available on any models made from 2007 and earlier. As long as you are near a wireless hot spot, it is possible to receive direction. The Internet is provided through the cell phone system. The Bluetooth system includes a GPS system, satellite radio, Sirius TV and hands-free cell phone calling.


Ford has teamed with Microsoft and created the Sync Bluetooth system. This system lets your cell phone interface with the stereo system. Bluetooth is quite common in luxury vehicles, but not so much in passenger cars. Ford has started to offer this system, starting with many of its 2008 models. Vehicles that come with Sync or can be upgraded to include Sync include the Mountaineer, Montego, Mercury Milan, Lincoln MKX, Lincoln MKZ, Explorer Sport Trac, Explorer, Freestyle, Edge, Five Hundred, Fusion and the Ford Focus. The Sync software is also completely upgradeable, as Microsoft and Ford plan to offer updates when the vehicles are brought in for maintenance. These updates may also be available online and owners can install them.


Acura has produced Handsfreelink, which is a Bluetooth system. It is possible to receive and make calls while keeping your hands on the steering wheel. The phone and system respond to voice recognition. There are buttons on the steering wheel that control the volume. Any calls from the phone will be fed through the car's audio speakers. The Acura models that offer Handsfreelink include ZDX, TDX, TL, RL, RDX and MDX. Many of the Acura models are Bluetooth capable starting with those released in 2005. This Bluetooth was offered earlier than many other car manufacturers. Not all phones are compatible, so ensure that your phone and wireless carrier can be used with the Acura system.


Bluetooth is available in Toyota vehicles that come with navigation systems. The type of performance you can expect will depend on the wireless carrier, coverage and type of software in the phone. Almost all phones that can use Bluetooth will work. The earliest models from Toyota that support Bluetooth include the 2004 and 2005 Prius and Land Cruiser. The 2006 models include the 4 Runner and Sienna. As of the 2007 model year, quite a lot of models are Bluetooth compatible. Look for Camry, Camry Solera, Land cruiser, Prius, RAV4, Tundra and Sienna. Be aware that not all vehicles are compatible with all phones. Toyota has a website that shows which vehicles can pair with different phones.

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