Armaan Almeida

Automotive Editor

Armaan Almeida was an Automotive Editor who produced buying guides and sneak previews, in addition to publishing daily news stories and tracking monthly deals, incentives and pricing trends from Toyota, Nissan and Lexus.

Recent Contributions by Armaan

  • The Used Car Engine Price Listing: A Buyers Guide

    March 11, 2020

    If you ever need to replace the engine in a used car, engine prices will vary substantially due to the various types currently offered. The…

  • Jumbo Car Loans

    July 20, 2018

    The average cost of a new car has risen by around $3,000 over the last 4 years, while meanwhile family incomes are stagnant. So how…

  • 2013 Spring Preview Model Guide

    September 19, 2017

    Freshly-minted 2014 Models are on their way to your local dealer, and we have the scoop on each one.

  • Exhaust Manifold Leak Repair Cost: Average Prices to Expect

    February 24, 2017

    An exhaust manifold leak can be very damaging to your engine if it's not taken care of in a timely manner. A leaking exhaust manifold…

  • Long Term Car Loans

    November 9, 2016

    A growing number of new car shoppers are choosing to finance for 6, 7 or even up to 10 years. But re long-term car loans…

  • Car Title Loan Basics: Benefits and Drawbacks of Car Title Loans

    November 9, 2016

    If you're prepared to repay them quickly, car title loans are a low-interest way to get cash on short notice; but understanding the risk is…

  • Special Financing for New Car Buyers

    November 9, 2016

    What is Special Financing? In regards to the auto industry, the term "special financing" is usually used to describe financing options for those prospective buyers…

  • Our Favorite Wagon Deals

    October 2, 2015

    We're big fans of the Mazda5 wagon, but Mazda has announced that it will be discontinued soon, making this your last chance to grab one…

  • Our Favorite Truck Deals

    October 2, 2015

    One of the country's hottest-selling trucks continues to get big discounts. This month, the popular Silverado 1500 LT Crew Cab gets up to $3,250 in…

  • Our Favorite Sedan Deals

    October 2, 2015

    If you've had your eye on the 2015 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid, this month's incentives make a solid case for buying now versus waiting. Hyundai is…

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