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Based out of the Washington, D.C. area, Joel Patel is an automotive journalist that hails from Northern Virginia. His work has been featured on various automotive outlets, including Autoweek, Digital Trends, and Autoblog. When not writing about cars, Joel enjoys trying new foods, wrenching on his car, and watching horror movies. 

Recent Contributions by Joel

  • Infiniti Offering Free Wireless Apple CarPlay Upgrades

    October 12, 2021

    Despite all of the technology that’s available in cars these days, the majority of automakers still require shoppers to purchase a new vehicle if they’re…

  • Chevrolet Colorado vs. Nissan Frontier

    October 12, 2021

    Midsize pickup trucks aren’t nearly as popular as full-size options, but for consumers that aren’t interested in towing up to 14,000 pounds, midsize trucks are…

  • Toyota Tacoma vs. Nissan Frontier

    October 12, 2021

    American automakers may dominate the pickup truck scene, but Nissan and Toyota have two very strong options in the midsize segment. The Nissan Frontier and…

  • Nissan Frontier vs. Nissan Titan

    October 12, 2021

    Nissan, like many automakers, has a few pickup trucks for consumers to choose from. There’s the midsize Frontier, which was just fully redesigned for the…

  • Ford Mach-E Deliveries Now Have Minimum 20-Week Wait

    October 8, 2021

    Things have not gone smoothly for prospective Ford Mustang Mach-E buyers. In March, Ford started to compensate buyers, as deliveries of the electric crossover were…

  • Mazda Planning Dizzying Array Of New SUVs

    October 8, 2021

    Consumers are still purchasing crossovers and SUVs in dizzying numbers. Like many other automakers, Mazda has plans to answer the call with an onslaught of…

  • 3/4 Front Glamour 2022 Subaru BRZ

    2022 Subaru BRZ Review

    October 8, 2021

    More enjoyable than before. The 2022 Subaru BRZ arrives as a fully redesigned model. While the sports car has benefitted from some big changes, it…

  • 3/4 Front Glamour 2022 Cadillac XT4

    2022 Cadillac XT4 Review

    October 8, 2021

    High-end look. The 2022 Cadillac XT4 competes in the fierce subcompact SUV segment. Against competitors like the Volvo XC40, Audi Q3, Mercedes-Benz GLB, and BMW…

  • Is GM Planning Mass Chevy Bolt EV Buybacks?

    October 6, 2021

    Chevrolet’s recall for all Bolt EV and Bolt EUVs ever made is reportedly costing the automaker roughly $1.8 billion. The main reason for the high…

  • Genesis GV60 EV Range May Reach 280 Miles

    October 4, 2021

    After revealing the Genesis GV60 electric vehicle in its entirety last month, the automaker is finally ready to reveal more of the EV’s specs. At…

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