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What Is the Average Interest Rate for a Car Loan With Bad Credit?

The average interest rate for a car loan is higher if you have bad credit than if you have a good credit score. This is because lenders charge higher interest rates to borrowers with poor credit. Before financing a vehicle, you should look up the average interest rates you can expect based on your credit

photo of author Meghan Carbary Meghan Carbary • Automotive Content Editor • May 30, 2024
California Car Title Loans: Pink Slip Collateral Loans

It is typically pretty easy to get a car title loan in California, and all you need is your vehicle's pink slip or California certificate of vehicle ownership as collateral to loan agencies. This type of car loan is preferred over other methods such as a car title pawn, wherein the lender will hold on

photo of author Meghan Carbary Meghan Carbary • Automotive Content Editor • Apr 30, 2024
What is the Interest Rate on Used Car Loan?

When you're choosing between a new and used car there are several differences to be aware of, including the difference in interest rates. If your credit is less than perfect you're going to be paying more interest on an auto loan than if your credit is good. We cover what determines interest rates on

photo of author Meghan Carbary Meghan Carbary • Automotive Content Editor • Apr 25, 2024
Getting a Car Loan With No Credit is Easier Than You Think

If you lack a solid credit history, you may still be able to get an auto loan. Depending on your current employment and residence situation, it might be possible for you to qualify for a no credit car loan. But first, you have to do the necessary research and make sure you're working with a car dealer

photo of author CarsDirect Staff CarsDirect Staff • Mar 21, 2024
What's A Thin Credit File On A Car Loan?

Your credit file is another way of saying credit report, and it's made up of all kinds of information that contribute to your credit score. If there's not much information to go on and you have a thin credit file as a new or used car buyer, you may have a low or mediocre credit score which can affect

photo of author Meghan Carbary Meghan Carbary • Automotive Content Editor • Mar 11, 2022

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Can You Buy A Toyota With A 500 Credit Score?

If you have a credit score of around 500, you may find buying a used Toyota to be a relatively expensive prospect. That's because so-called deep subprime credit entails greater risk for lenders and thus higher interest rates for consumers. Here's what to expect if you're buying a used Toyota with a FICO

photo of author Alex Bernstein Alex Bernstein • Senior Pricing Analyst • Feb 15, 2022
What Does A 300 Credit Score Mean On A Car Loan?

If you have a 300 credit score, you may find getting a car loan through traditional means difficult. Here's a look at what a 300 credit score means and how it impacts your chances of a car loan. What a 300 credit score means. On the FICO credit scoring model, you can have a credit score ranging from

photo of author Meghan Carbary Meghan Carbary • Automotive Content Editor • Feb 03, 2022
What Is A Deep Subprime Credit Score On An Auto Loan?

When it comes to auto loans, your credit score can often determine the terms of your loan. But what if your credit is really low, like, deep subprime, low? Here's a look at what a deep subprime credit score looks like and what it means when it comes to your chances of getting financed for an auto loan.

photo of author Meghan Carbary Meghan Carbary • Automotive Content Editor • Jan 26, 2022
Will My Credit Score Go Up After I Pay Off My Car?

After you complete a car loan, you may not see a boost in your credit score – it may actually be the opposite. However, it’s usually a temporary dip. Impact of Paying Off an Auto Loan Once you pay off a car loan, you may actually see a small drop in your credit score. However, it’s normally temporary

photo of author Bethany Hickey Bethany Hickey • Senior Auto Financing Editor • Nov 30, 2021
Can I Trade In a Financed Car for a Cheaper One?

Yes, it's possible to trade in a financed car for a cheaper one, but it really all depends on your situation. Consumers trade in cars that they still owe money on all the time. In fact, very few people actually wait until their vehicles are paid off before purchasing their next one. However, how difficult

photo of author Amy Fortune Amy Fortune • Automotive Financing Editor • Nov 12, 2021

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