Bankruptcy Car Financing: What You Should Know

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January 27, 2012

Bankruptcy car financing may seem difficult to find and acquire, but there are ways for you to qualify should you have filed for bankruptcy. If you are weighing your options when it comes to bankruptcy car financing loans, please read the following information as to what you should do prior to the loan, what kind of car to finance, and why the loan can help to improve your credit score.

Look at Several Lenders

First, when it comes to bankruptcy car financing, make sure that you are getting numerous different offers. Educating yourself as to different options, lenders, and rates, you'll be able to choose the right one that best suits your needs. If you decide to conduct a search on-line, there arewebsites which can gather up to four quotes at a time from different lenders from a single submitted application. This saves you time when searching and will also only involve running your credit once for numerous different lenders, which is better on your credit report after a bankruptcy. Whether via theinternet or by other means, be sure to collect as much information about the lenders and their options as possible prior to applying.

Purchase a Less Expensive Car

Next, because your biggest concern is to raise your credit and whether or not you'll be approved for the loan, it is beneficial for you to purchase the cheapest car that you can find. When it comes to financing a car soon after a bankruptcy, you will likely have to contend with high interest rates. You should only purchase a vehicle that suits your basic needs as a loan for an extravagant car comes with a hefty interest rate. Over time, the loan will help you to improve your credit score, thereby allowing you to consider other rate options for your loan. With that goal in mind, making a concession and financing a less expensive car will save you the lofty interest rate and a give you higher probability of loan approval.

Obtain Financing to Improve Your Credit

Acquiring financing from a lender will help you to efficiently, though gradually, re-establish your credit. This is so because once you have begun making your car loan payments on time consistently, your credit score will improve. With a better credit score, you then have the leverage to negotiate the terms of your current loan or trade-in your car and attain a new car loan. So while you may have to make payments on a car you did not initially want, the gradual improvement in your credit score is worth the delay. Overall, while obtaining the financing may take a bit of work and searching, you have the opportunity to improve your credit, which is vital in the recovery from a bankruptcy filing.

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