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November 9, 2016

Ally Financial, formerly known as GMAC, still gets lots of search queries for "GMAC car loans". Get the latest information on GMAC auto loans.

Note: GMAC Auto Financing Gets Rebranded as Ally Financial To reach them directly, call 1-888-925-2559 or visit them at

In order to help distance itself from its recession struggling, bailout taking, damaged brand image, GMAC has decided to rebrand itself as Ally Financial Inc. going forward. While GMAC Inc., which is now almost entirely government owned after receiving over $16 billion in bailout money, formally changed its name to Ally, auto finance changes took effect in August of 2010.

Previously owned by General Motors Co., GMAC was set up to provide financing for GM and Chrysler car buyers through their network of dealerships. The move to the new moniker signals the company's desire to move away from their image as a troubled lender and rebuild their business with an untainted brand. Ally posted its first quarterly profit in two years in May.

When in the market to buy a car, truck or SUV, a GMAC auto loan offers great financing deals and enables a flexible way to pay your car in affordable monthly terms. GMAC (General Motors Acceptance Corporation) was founded in 1919 to facilitate the automotive financing needs of the clients and dealers of General Motors. GMAC has since expanded its operations to include mortgage, insurance and commercial finance with online banking services. It has become a complete solution for every financing need.

GMAC was approved as a bank holding company in December of 2008 by the Federal Reserve Board, which served as a turning point in the company's long, illustrious history. This further cemented GMAC's reputation as a solid financing company that offers flexible and affordable financing deals on whatever make or model of vehicle you choose.

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Information about GMAC Auto Loans

GMAC auto loans are car loans that customers take out directly from GMAC. GMAC is a company that takes care of financing General Motors vehicles for public customers and also provides insurance and other products.

Until recently, GMAC was a "captive finance company," which meant that it was owned by General Motors. Large car companies often set up these subsidiary firms to handle financing, making it more convenient for customers to purchase new cars or late-model pre-owned vehicles. However, the GMAC website informs readers that a 2006 handoff puts GMAC in the hands of a new set of corporate investors.

For new car loans as well as some pre-owned options, GMAC offers customers "traditional" financing, where the customer gets ownership of the vehicle during the payment period. GMAC offers a variety of terms for financing and payment options including monthly statements and direct withdrawal, a new technology for handling payments on an automated basis.

A GMAC auto loan works for a range of customers, with many different kinds of credit history. One online tool at GMAC is the SmartApp, an online application process where a user enters items about the desired vehicle and their personal financial history. GMAC then evaluates the credit history of the applicant to select the best financing available for that customer.

Online readers can also get information about credit and how it affects vehicle financing. GMAC's SmartEdge Financial Center goes beyond the single auto loan to discuss greater issues in personal or household budgeting and administration, giving readers information that they can use to put an auto loan into a larger perspective. Users can browse details about automotive financing and leasing, as well as banking and insurance tutorials.

Other GMAC auto finance tools put users in touch with a more external community, with a media room where readers can get the latest on how GM is faring and what is going on with the company. GMAC's Community Relations page highlights how the company interacts with its regions of operation, and fact sheets detail the history of this long-time American enterprise.

In addition, GMAC offers auto insurance policies, roadside assistance and a range of other options to drivers. GMAC functions as a kind of "customer service" arm of General Motors, and a way for potential buyers to do the paperwork before an actual purchase of a GM vehicle. GMAC represents a kind of "branded" alternative to other auto loan lenders, such as banks and dealerships. Using GMAC for buying a new General Motors car or truck can provide a more "seamless" transition into ownership, due to the relationship that the financing company has with the auto maker.

Benefits of GMAC Loans

The financing company known as GMAC, once a captive finance company for General Motors, is still a prominent lender for those looking for auto loans, and GMAC loans are a common part of the car financing landscape. GMAC also offers mortgage loans and a variety of other financial services, and many report positive results from using this company for an auto loan. The GMAC financing company has its own unique benefits for the borrower that continue to draw consumers who want to secure decent auto loans that will not negatively affect them in the long run.

  • GMAC has been around for awhile. Since 1919, this company has been helping drivers buy the cars and trucks they love. The GMAC track record is part of the appeal for loan applicants who choose to use this company, and its longtime existence on the American landscape gives it credibility that some lenders cannot compete with.
  • GMAC has a unique relationship with General Motors. This finance company is in the best position to help General Motors vehicle buyers. The company may also be privy to some dealer or manufacturer "inside deals" or discounts.
  • GMAC gives borrowers an "education". The GMAC website offers a wide variety of financial tools such as budget calculators, credit tutorials and more for finding out just how auto loan processes work for those with all kinds of credit situations. For instance, buyers can use an affordability calculator to work theoretical fixed rate auto loans into an existing household budget for a better chance at successful payments over the auto loan term and more control of their finances through better financial education. Borrowers can also look at credit tutorials that help show them how to "fix" damaged credit or build good credit for better auto loan terms in the future.
  • GMAC has a user-friendly online platform. The features on the GMAC website allow for quick and easy loan application for a variety of auto financing options, with designers building continual improvements to help users feel secure in contributing their personal financial information over the web at a time when cyber security is a prominent public concern.
  • GMAC works with borrowers. According to recent reports from sources like, GMAC helps dealers loosen credit requirements for potential buyers with credit scores in the lower range so that more buyers can qualify to get into General Motors vehicles. This helps both the lenders and the borrowers during difficult times when a credit crunch makes it difficult to extend credit to consumers.

Borrowers can find all of this and more at the GMAC Financial Services website where the company reaches out to a wide variety of borrowers online. Browse options for auto loans and apply with GMAC's SmartApp loan application form to see if you qualify for a loan from this established lender.

Dangers of GMAC Loans

With the recent bankruptcy filing of General Motors, many individuals who have GMAC loans are finding themselves anxiously awaiting any potentially negative news about their home or auto loans. However, in many cases a GMAC loan is no different from any other loan, provided the lender is stable and well funded.

GMAC History

Originally, GMAC was a division of General Motors and they largely provided loans to individuals who were purchasing a new car from a General Motors dealership. In many cases, people who were buying a new car felt safe and secure in going directly through the dealership to arrange financing for their new car.

However, in 2006, GMAC was sold to an outside finance interest and was no longer part of General Motors. Part of the reasoning behind this move on the part of General Motors was the that finance arm of their organization had branched out to lending other than the auto industry. Also, corporate leaders were attempting to focus attention back on the automotive industry and serving their customers rather than becoming mired in what was to become the housing credit crisis.

In late 2008, GMAC was given approval to become a bank holding company and became part of Ally Bank, making them eligible for government help in the form of TARP (Troubled Asset Relief Program) funds. This government assistance allowed GMAC to improve its consumer deposits to a stable and secure level.

Recent History for GMAC

One of the large criticisms in the past has been GMAC's willingness to provide auto loans to consumers at very low or no interest loan rates. With the recent government bailout of General Motors, many financial analysts and economists have been alarmed to see new advertisements that have returned to these loan interest rates. In many ways, it has seemed that General Motors has been making a desperate attempt to draw buyers back into the showrooms in order to stimulate sales.

However, even though these advertised rates have been through General Motors dealerships, the financing is through GMAC, which is not owned by General Motors. In large part, risky loans are being taken on by GMAC and not by General Motors.

Risks and Dangers
For the consumer, the largest danger to a GMAC loan is the instability of the GMAC finance company. This issue was addressed in December 2008, when GMAC was allowed to become a bank holding company.

Currently, many consumers have concerns that stem from the news that General Motors filed for bankruptcy. However, these activities have little to do with GMAC loans and the terms of the bankruptcy stand to minimize any exposure that might occur to GMAC from its former connection with General Motors.

Until 2006, GMAC was the finance arm of General Motors. GMAC not only provided loans for car purchases, but also for the purchase of homes. With the removal of General Motors as the parent company of GMAC, GM limited its liability for loans extended by GMAC. In late 2008, GMAC was granted permission to become a bank holding company and joined with Ally Bank, making it eligible for stabilizing TARP funds.

GMAC Loans Eligibility Requirements

One of the most flexible ways of obtaining a new car is with GMAC loans. These GMAC loans have several different options available to new car buyers that make the purchase of a new car hassle free.

A GMAC loan offers both a traditional auto loan option, as well as a convenient car leasing option. Through several programs like the SmartBuy program, the SmartLease program and flexible payment options, GMAC loans are very popular with consumers.

  • Application and requirements. Like any car loan, there is an application process that you must complete before begin approved for your loan. Most dealers who participate with GMAC loans will have the forms required to do so. Along with the application are also some eligibility requirements.
  • Must be a GM vehicle. In order to purchase a vehicle through a GMAC loan, you must be first be looking to buy a GM vehicle. Since GMAC is a subsidiary of GM, they will only work with GM cars and trucks. If you are looking at a Ford product, then you will not be likely to receive a GMAC loan.
  • Know your credit rating. GMAC had very strict credit standards for their loans. However, just recently they have lowered their approved credit rating down to 620. In some cases, it can be even less. Do not let this be a place to let down your credit rating guard. Just because they have lowered the standard does not mean that your credit history does not still play a large part in the overall GMAC loan. Your credit rating will determine the length of the term, the monthly payments, your ability to have flexible payment options and the interest rate you can be charged.
  • Know which vehicle. Before applying for a GMAC loan, they require that you have a vehicle already in mind. When looking at a vehicle at a dealer's lot, you should take down the information on the car so you have it with you. Things like the make, model and year of the car will help ensure that you are approved for the loan with favorable terms.
  • Use the loan calculator. At the GMAC loans website you can see how things will fit into your overall budget before applying. Part of the application process deals with what you will be able to afford, so you should know this number. You can use the calculator on the site to help you determine this. This tool is very useful to see if you will be eligible for the GMAC loan.
  • Lenders look for steady employment. Something that GMAC will look it is if you are gainfully employed. You must have had a job for the last 6 months without any prior problems or extended leaves. Be prepared to show proof of employment, and payment, along with the application process.
  • Car buying is a negotiation. After completing the application, and receiving your credit history, you can enter into some form of negotiation with GMAC to help determine a better price. You can find a cosigner if needed, or secure a down payment to lower payments. Working with the lender will help you get a better rate, and terms, even if you have a blemish or 2 on your credit history.

Dealerships First

As the website points out, car buyers looking for financing often visit the dealership first. A dealership representative can take credit information and relay it to companies like GMAC. But now, buyers can detour around that process and simply go on to the website to use GMAC Web tools to apply for financing.

Key Considerations

As the GMAC website points out, car financing is a negotiation process, and a buyer should be thinking about what APR or annual percentage rate he or she is comfortable with paying so that when the credit application comes back, the potential buyer and the lender are closer to a deal.

Those looking at GMAC loan requirements can also get some clues from other financial tools accessible from the same webpage, such as credit and budgeting options. An affordability calculator helps a user figure out how an auto loan would fit into a household income. With detailed lines for every expense, this kind of tool can be very useful for anticipating the financial impact of any GMAC loan.

Specify the Vehicle to Be Financed

As shown in the loan application, the company also wants to know which General Motors vehicle the buyer is looking to finance. When shopping on a dealer's lot, the potential buyer can take down year, make, and model of the vehicle to use later in a loan application process.

Generally, a potential buyer will find out more when they receive the results of their SmartApp loan application. At this point, consumers will have a series of options for finding other lenders or negotiating better interest rates. These include finding a cosigner for a loan, lowering the loan amount by amassing a down payment or shopping around for lenders who will not be deterred by a lack of credit or a black mark on a credit record. However, for those with decent credit, GMAC loans can be a great way to utilize the knowledge that this lender has about General Motors as a company and about all of the vehicles that run off of its production lines.

Qualifying for GMAC Loans with Bad Credit

The company known as GMAC Financial Services, the company that issues GMAC loans, was originally a captive finance company of General Motors. Its purpose was, and still is, to assist customers in purchasing General Motors' vehicles. The company is no longer owned by General Motors, but it still fulfills a similar role as it has done since the 1920s, offering financing options on General Motors cars and trucks.

Some borrowers may be wondering what kind of credit it takes to be eligible for a GMAC auto loan. Although the GMAC website includes many different information sources and handy tools for applying for vehicle financing options, there is frustratingly little information about what kind of credit scores are required to be eligible for a vehicle loan. However, determined web users can follow a few simple steps to find out where they stand with GMAC when seeking a loan for a new or used General Motors vehicle.

  • Take a look at online reports. In 2008, GMAC generally only lent to borrowers with a credit score of 720 or above. Potential buyers with less stellar credit ratings were denied vehicle loans in most cases. Now, reports from sites like this one at suggest that GMAC is lowering the bar to give some of America's credit-challenged drivers a chance to cash in on looser credit requirements for GMAC loans, and a better prospect for driving away in a vehicle from the embattled manufacturer.
  • Visit the GMAC website. As mentioned, the GMAC website includes a whole lot of information on some of the general requirements for getting vehicle loans from this General Motors affiliate. Borrowers can find a wide range of general credit information at GMAC's SmartEdge info center. Visitors can even take GMAC's SmartEdge quiz, and apparently get a "certification" in understanding best credit practices. However, GMAC does not indicate whether this certification will actually help a borrower get credit from this lender.
  • Use the GMAC SmartApp loan application. For actually figuring out if a specific consumer qualifies for a GMAC loan, the best option is to use the GMAC SmartApp, a specific proprietary loan application that can be completed and submitted online.
  • Decipher the results. When a consumer receives the results of their SmartApp loan application, then they will know where they stand with GMAC. An approved application means negotiations are possible for getting access to a General Motors vehicle financing deal.
  • Take a look at interest rates. The fact that GMAC is willing to take the plunge and finance your debt doesn't mean that the loan is in your best interest. Look carefully at the APR or annual percentage rate, and make sure that it does not rise over the loan period. Use loan calculators to estimate what you will pay over the entire term of the loan. Then, assess whether this option fits into your household budget. GMAC includes many web tools for finding affordability for General Motors purchases.

How to Research GMAC Loans

Borrowers looking to find GMAC loans from the GMAC company, the financing company used by General Motors to arrange deals for its customers, will need to involve themselves in some basic research to figure out if a GMAC loan is right for them.

  • Find out if you qualify. The easiest and fastest way to find out if you qualify for a GMAC loan is to use the SmartApp loan application tool found on the GMAC website. This tool is available for all US areas except for California and Puerto Rico. The results of your application will tell you if you qualify to be a GMAC borrower.
  • Check the APR or interest rates. You'll want to make sure that GMAC is extending you a loan that makes sense for your finances. Lenders make loans according to the borrower's credit, and sometimes interest rates can be very high on the "standard" loan. Do some checking around to make sure that your GMAC quote is in accordance with market rates according to your credit history.
  • Follow up with customer service. Although it's very nice that GMAC offers almost all of the loan process online, there's still no substitute for talking to a live individual. Before you ink a deal with GMAC, you'll want to have at least one conversation with representatives to be clear on all of the details including interest rates, loan period and other loan terms.
  • Use online tools. For more on researching how a GMAC loan will affect you, try easy online tools like the affordability calculator for fitting a loan into your personal budget. Also, check out other information pages that will show you more context on the market for auto loans.

Comparing GMAC Loans

There are several ways in which to compare loan interest rates and terms.

  1. The simplest way is to go to the GMAC loan website and apply directly for a loan. You will be asked to provide specific application information, but remember that you will not be responsible for any sort of loan unless you sign loan papers. Applying directly for a GMAC loan will give you specific information about what interest rates they might offer and the loan terms available. Having this information in hand is extremely helpful when comparing with other possible loans.
  2. The second place to turn is either a loan broker or a loan warehouse website. Both of these sources operate largely the same way. The primary difference is that a warehouse website may offer their services for no or low fee, while a personal loan broker may charge a fee for their services. A broker or warehouse website takes your application information and then shops you to different potential lenders. In the case of a website, you usually begin to receive basic loan information details within 24 hours of submitting your loan. if not sooner.
  3. Very often, receipt of several emails from different lenders will outline their interest rates and the terms of loans. A loan broker will usually contact you with information from several different lenders and go over each loan offer.
  4. Once you have information from several different lenders, you can compare this information with the GMAC loan offer to determine the best loan for your needs.

If you are potentially interested in a loan from GMAC financial services for an auto or home purchase, it is a good idea to comparison shop before committing to any loan. The easiest place to start is to apply at GMAC online and gather information about the interest rates and loan terms that might be offered to you. The next step is to talk to a loan broker or apply to an online loan warehouse website to find out about other loan offers.

GMAC Financing vs. GMAC Leasing

The finance company known as GMAC uses easy online tools, a variety of customer program options and a special connection to General Motors to help customers get behind the wheel of new or slightly used GM cars and trucks with GMAC loans. GMAC is often called a "captive finance company" because, up until recently, it was owned by General Motors. A captive finance company generally provides financing and other options for the vehicles that come from a specific auto maker.

  • GMAC financing. The GMAC company offers various financing options or "GMAC loans" to customers who want to drive away in a GM car or truck that they will own for the rest of its driving lifetime. GMAC can help potential buyers figure out how much they can afford, and how they can get the best interest rates for their credit situations. Lots of America's drivers still think of car ownership in the conventional sense; they buy a new or used GM car or truck outright, change over the title and agree to convenient terms for paying off that vehicle over time, so that eventually, if they resell it at a private party sale, they own that vehicle free and clear.
  • GMAC leasing. Another option for General Motors enthusiasts is a lease: GMAC offers specific leasing options for new GM cars and trucks. The main GMAC leasing program is called SmartLease: GMAC provides details and application information on its website. Customers sign up for a vehicle for a certain period of time, and make monthly payments, not on the total value of the vehicle, but on its "depreciation" over the lease term. Leasing customers often enjoy lower monthly payments than those who are purchasing GM vehicles. GMAC also offers SmartLease Plus, a program where those who want to lease GM vehicles can make their lease payment upfront, saving dollars and eliminating monthly bills.
  • A third way: GMAC SmartBuy. In yet another option for General Motors customers, GMAC has unrolled its SmartBuy program, which is a kind of "hybrid" financing program that ends with the driver's ability to resolve the account as if it were a lease. In a SmartBuy agreement, a driver has several options at the end of a loan term. He or she can pay off a "balloon payment" (a lump sum at the end of a loan term in exchange for lower monthly payments) and keep the vehicle, or turn it into a GM dealership, and pay the depreciation or difference from the new value to the resale value. Some customers have reported a great experience with SmartBuy, but for others the terms of the agreement are little too vague. Talk to GMAC representative's upfront about how much a dealership would pay to take the vehicle off of your hands after a loan period has ended.

Drivers who have their eyes on a GM car or truck should think about the various options available from GMAC to decide if they would like to make the commitment to own, lease a vehicle for a period of time or consider a more complex Smart Buy option.

Several Financing Terms
GMAC loans can be tailored to fit the consumer's financial and payment capabilities. This is determined through the application, and the credit history of the individual. Your credit history, and the value of the car, will have a large part to play in the terms. However, the adjustable payment terms will help you to pay the loan easily without getting into more credit trouble.

Three Payment Options
Paying your GMAC loan is also made easy by their attention to the consumer's needs. You have three options to choose from when paying your loan. You can have a direct payment made each month through your checking or savings account. This is very convenient as you are assured not to miss a payment. However, you must also make sure there is enough in your account to pay the payment.

You can also have a coupon book sent to you. This will include payment stubs for you to use when mailing in your payment each month. A monthly statement can also be mailed to you twenty days before the payment is due.

SmartLease vs. SmartBuy

GMAC loans offers both SmartLease and SmartBuy options to well-qualified buyers who are considering taking a loan to purchase a new General Motors vehicle. Both programs offer lower monthly payment options than a traditional finance contract but differ in their methodologies that help you get such a low payment.

SmartLease. A GMAC SmartLease is a fixed-term, closed-ended lease. This means that after a set term (number of payments) over which you have paid rental and finance charges, you must return the vehicle or pay the buyout amount (the residual value). As a closed-ended lease, you will owe nothing more than the disposition fee to GMAC. You are not responsible for the difference between the residual value and the cash value of the vehicle as sold at auction. This is opposed to an open-ended lease, which GMAC does not use, in which you must pay any difference between the residual value and the selling price at auction (assuming the vehicle is auctioned for less than the residual). In a SmartLease, you are essentially renting the vehicle for a long, fixed term.

SmartLease contracts range from 24 months to 60 months in length, but 24 to 39 month leases offer the best value for your dollar in most cases. However, as you are renting the vehicle, you must also keep the vehicle in good physical and mechanical shape. Any damage, physical or mechanical, will be inspected by a private, third-party inspector. Dents and scratches larger than the size of a credit card may be billed on a final statement from GMAC several weeks after the lease is returned.

SmartBuy. A GMAC SmartBuy is similar to a lease, but you are not renting the vehicle. You have the benefits of ownership with lower monthly payments and a greater selection of lease-end options when compared to the SmartLease. In a SmartBuy, you pay monthly payments with a balloon payment due at the end of a fixed term. Rather than pay the balloon payment at the end a SmartBuy, you may choose to return the vehicle and pay a disposal fee (similar to the end of a lease). You may also choose to pay or refinance the balloon amount and keep your vehicle. A third option is to sell the vehicle to a new owner and keep any profit beyond the balloon payment amount for which you are responsible. Of course, choosing the third option may cost you money if the vehicle is sold for less than the balloon amount, but this is still a good option if the difference is lower than your SmartBuy disposal fee.

Both options are good for individuals who want to drive a new GM product every few years. Both options allow you to stay within your warranty period and keep a vehicle that is in like-new condition. A SmartLease offers the least hassles for those who prefer a new car frequently, but a SmartBuy can be more practical for owners who may want to keep their vehicles beyond the term of a lease. In either case, GMAC offers competitive rates and repayment options for lessees and purchasers. Your local dealer's Internet department or a service like CarsDirect can provide accurate quotes for both SmartLease and SmartBuy options, all with no obligation to purchase.

7 Advantages of SmartLease with GMAC Loans
Vehicle leasing, and the GMAC SmartLease in particular, may not be for everybody, but there are more than a few good reasons to go with a lease option from this captive financing company for getting behind the wheel of a new General Motors car or truck--customers can choose from GMAC loans or GMAC leasing options to get the best solutions for their budgets.

  1. Lower monthly payments. Because GMAC Smart Lease customers only pay on the "depreciation" of the new vehicle, plus a rental fee and assorted other charges, their monthly payments for driving their desired cars and trucks can be less than what someone would pay who is purchasing these vehicles.
  2. Trade-in and resale. With a SmartLease agreement, customers who go with GMAC don't have to worry about what happens at the end of their lease. They simply return the vehicle to participating dealership.
  3. Payment options. GMAC offers various payment options to its customers, including the option to have monthly bills sent to a household. As an alternative, GMAC borrowers can use the company's DirectPay system, where the monthly lease cost gets automatically deducted from your checking or savings account. Online customers can sign up for DirectPay and manage their accounts through the Internet.
  4. Flexible mileage terms. One thing that lease customers often find frustrating is that a standard lease agreement includes a maximum annual or monthly mileage. Any miles driven in excess of this limit get charged at a high per-mile rate. GMAC tries to provide for helping customers deal with this liability through offering a "tiered" mileage system, with limits of either 12,000 or 15,000 miles annually, as well as other options for excess mileage that won't end up making the lease costs skyrocket.
  5. Accessible forms. GMAC customers can get a SmartLease Kit in the form of a .pdf file directly from the website. Other forms are also available for easy and convenient browsing by potential GMAC leasers and other customers. GMAC's fully featured website is a big reason that many customers tend to go with this GM auxiliary company for either financing GM vehicles or for leasing.
  6. SmartLease Plus. GMAC also offers leasing customers a SmartLease Plus option, where paying off the lease up front leads to less hassle and better terms. Those looking at leasing can select from the SmartLease or SmartLease Plus options according to what saves them the most money and get them behind the wheel of the GM vehicle on their terms.
  7. History. The GMAC company has a long and extensive history of being the liaison between General Motors as an automaker and the American public. This company's expertise can have a positive bearing on how individual consumers get leases or financing for GM vehicles.

Make use of the above benefits for getting a great lease on a GM vehicle from this popular financing and leasing lender.

What Is GMAC Loans DirectPay?

GMAC is a company that is dedicated to helping customers get into General Motors cars and trucks, and GMAC loans are only for GM vehicles. GMAC provides financing, leasing options, insurance and much more for drivers. The company also offers various payment options. One of these is GMAC DirectPay, where payments can be automatically deducted from a driver's checking account. Anyone with an active checking account can take advantage of this easy and convenient payment option for limiting incoming paper mail, practicing good conservation of material resources and making car loan or leasing payment hassle free.

  • Signing up. GMAC customers can sign up for GMAC DirectPay at the dealership where they are picking up their vehicle. There is also the option to sign up online. Those who want to sign up for GMAC DirectPay over the Internet need to have a browser with 128 bit encryption and the right security settings to be able to communicate with the GMAC server.
  • Changing GMAC DirectPay options. For any customer who wants to change their payment due date, make an extra payment, or pay ahead, there is a phone number to call. Drivers involved with a GMAC program can reach representatives at 1-800-200-4622 for help with any of their direct payment options.
  • Stopping GMAC Direct Pay. Unlike some online automated systems, GMAC DirectPay can be stopped any time. GMAC lets customers reserve the right to switch to a monthly billing cycle whenever it suits them. The tools for stopping GMAC DirectPay are available online, as well as at the phone number above. Customers can also call for questions about what their current payment due date is, so that they can factor in the automatic deduction when figuring up what's currently in their checking or savings account.
  • Changing banks. The GMAC DirectPay system also allows for customers who are transferring their financial resources to another banking institution. Again, is for updating the system on banking changes are available either online or through the toll-free number.
  • More GMAC online tools. Online handling for DirectPay isn't the only thing available on the GMAC web site. Customers, or potential customers, can find a wealth of resources for understanding financing and leasing options, figuring out what their households can afford, or getting necessary background on all of the programs GMAC offers as well as the vehicles that General Motors sells to the public. The multi-featured GMAC web site represents financial transactions in the modern age, where putting more material online leads to greater efficiency and more knowledge in the hands of car shoppers.

For those who are thinking about financing or leasing a new or used General Motors vehicle, GMAC can be the perfect way to "link up" with the automaker. Local dealerships provide the physical location for picking up vehicles, and GMAC provides the rest: a comprehensive financial handling site for communicating all of the ins and outs of a vehicle purchase or lease situation.


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