How to Get a Car Loan with Low Income

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May 7, 2018

When you need a car loan with low income it can seem like it will never happen, and the more the application is turned down the more discouraged you get. There are lenders out there for people with low incomes. It may not be easy but it can be done. Here’s how:

Step 1: Get a Copy of Your Credit Report

When shopping for a low income car loan knowing exactly what is on your credit report can be invaluable. The lenders will use this information to determine whether or not to grant the loan. You will need to dispute anything you find on it that is not yours and anything that may be out of date before looking for a loan. That way you can improve your credit score a little bit before the hunt starts.

Step 2: Look for the Loan

When looking for a low income car loan your best chance is to secure the loan first. A lot of people make the mistake of shopping first for the car and then are disappointed when they cannot get the loan to pay for it. If you get the loan first you will know exactly how much can be spent on the car and thus help sticking to the budget.

Step 3: Make Sure to Have All of Your Paper Work

It is best to have all the paperwork done in advance in order to secure the loan. Proof of any additional sources of income is very important. If you receive income from court-ordered child support or Social Security which is not to be disclosed in a general scenario, however you may need to in order to get the loan.

Step 4: Shop

Look around for the best deal. Dealers often have sales and special programs you may qualify for. But you will need to actually take the time and shop to find them. Ask the dealership about vehicle incentives you may be able to take advantage of.

Step 5: Cosigners

You may need to use a cosigner. A cosigner is someone who will promise to pay back the loan in the event that you do not. Keep in mind that the loan will show up on the credit reports of both you, the primary borrower, and the cosigner, so both of your credit scores can be affected – for better or worse.

Step 6: Down Payment

You may need to put a larger amount down when looking for a low income car loan in order to get approved. Some lenders can require as much as 30% down before they will grant you the loan. A down payment can lower your interest charges and reduce or eliminate the amount of time you're upside down.

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