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November 9, 2016

If you often travel to destinations for short period of times due to official purposes, then short-term car lease can be a good option for you. Here is what to do to obtain a short-term car leasing contract for the cheapest price.

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1. Look at all of your Options

Look at all of the car lease options available to you in the city where you happen to be traveling. Your options include standard rental firms, local dealerships and local used-car dealerships. Also, look on the Internet for a major dealer who may just have a car leasing program for visiting executives who need short-term wheels and there may also be some brokers who will handle this type of deal.

2. Check your Travel Allowance and Contact Various Outlets

Your daily travel allowance will dictate where you should move to next, the rental firm, dealerships or broker who may handle this type of deal. Visit a major local rental firm and see if there are any cars that are just about ready to be turned back to the manufacturer. Generally, these cars will be under 30,000 miles and though they may have been used quite abusively because they were rentals, they can still provide good transportation. As they are close to the turnover point, the rental firm may be in a mood to rent short-term at a low rate to a responsible executive. Then, check with several major local dealerships to see if there are any new cars that are not moving and that the dealership would like to make any money on. Make an offer for a short-term lease and the cooler heads of the dealership's management team will likely cock a friendly ear.

3. Contact a Dealership with a Strong Certified Preowned Program

Quite often overlooked, the certified preowned program laurels and bragging rights are important to a dealership. Since that's the case, take a look at a dealership's certified inventory and see if they include the phrase “days on lot.” If the listing does and it is over, say 120, then you know they would like nothing better than to make that figure 0. Call them and offer to lease it for the length of your stay. Since the vehicle has been sitting around, you will also probably be able to get some great terms on your loan.

4. Be Honest about your Motives

As has been said, “never try to kid a kidder” and car salespeople are up on all of the ways people try to pull things, as if the dealership had never seen it before. So honesty is your best policy. Tell them how much you have to invest and how much you can put down, and how long you intend to keep the vehicle. You may have to meet some certain days-driven / kept requirements, but you can arrange that with the dealership so that even if you leave early, possibly someone else from your corporation can use the vehicle. Also, tell the dealership exactly how much you have to put down. This could dictate the size of the car. However, if your credit is good and you are willing to work with the dealership, they will likely work with you and your allowance.

5. Finish Things up and Take Delivery

Before you opt to take the car, test drive it. With all of the variables taken care of, your last step is signing the paper, putting up the down payment – and possibly payment – money for the short term lease. Make sure you have insurance and get a set of plates. Then, with this out of the way, you take delivery and leave after you've signed the paperwork. How much will you save? It's tough to say, but 20 to30 percent savings on the car lease price wouldn't be out of the question.

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