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November 9, 2016

Leasing a car can help you get lower monthly payments than with a car purchase; also, you can lease a car online to get the best deals. So, here is a handy step by step guide to help you lease a car online.

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Step 1 - Research Cars

Take a look around CarsDirect, as well as sites like and, to research different cars that interest you. On these websites, you can view ratings and reviews and even view test results for dependability, performance and even safety ratings. These sites will help you find the best cars for your lifestyle and budget.

Step 2 - Search for Dealers and Car Buying Services

Use your favorite search engine to search for dealerships and car buying services that offer the vehicle you want to purchase. You can also visit that car manufacturer's website to find links to online car dealers that can lease you the vehicle of your choice. When searching for car buying services don't overlook as they have excellent prices on almost any make and model car that is sold today.

Step 3 - Do a Lease versus Buy Calculation

Before you actually commit to leasing a vehicle, you should do a lease versus buy calculation that will help you determine monthly payments, overall costs and other pricing factors you should consider when determining if a purchase or lease is best for you. You can find many lease/purchase calculators on the Internet by searching for them with your favorite search engine.

Step 4 - Choose Dealer or Buying Service

Once you have compared prices from several online dealers and car buying services, you should choose the dealer or service that offers you the best deal on the make and model vehicle you want to purchase. Also make sure that the quote includes any accessories are options you need as well as optional services such as extended warranties or gap insurance you may be interested in.

Step 5 - Apply for Lease

After you've chosen a dealer, you'll need to apply for a lease for your new car. If you're purchasing through a new car dealership website or an online car buying service, the site can probably help you apply for the lease quickly and easily. Alternatively, you can search for your own leasing company. Again, using your favorite search engine will help you find many banks and lenders that can offer a car lease to you.

Step 6 - Sign and Return Lease Documents

After you've been approved for the lease, the bank or leasing company will probably expedite the shipping of your lease documents to your home. They will probably use a service such as FedEx or UPS to send them, and you will need to sign and return the documents. Most lenders or lease companies will include a pre-addressed envelope that you simply need to take to the courier in order to have the documents sent quickly to the leasing company.

Step 7 - Arrange Insurance

Before you as to accept delivery of your vehicle, you'll need to purchase car insurance. The dealership or car buying service can probably help you arrange insurance, or you can choose your own insurance company. Visit websites like to quickly get quotes from many different companies. Once you've chosen a company, pay the premium and purchase a policy.

Step 8 - Arrange Car Transport

Finally, you'll need to arrange shipping for your vehicle. A new car dealership a car buying service can probably help you arrange shipping and even include the cost in the lease. Alternatively, you can search the Internet for other car shipping companies that can perhaps save your little money.

Related Questions and Answers

What are Reliable Car Research Websites?

There are a number of reliable car research websites. Some of the more reliable car research websites includes,, CarsDirect, and Most of the sites are purely informative. However, CarsDirect offers readers the ability to compare quotes for new cars from a number of different dealers. offers solid editorials as well as new and used car reviews and road tests. Either of the sites are a reliable source for obtaining car values, MSRPs, specifications, and options.

Is it Possible to Lease a Car With Bad Credit?

It is possible to lease a car with bad credit. However, a co-signer or a large security deposit may be required. In general, leasing a car requires a higher credit score than does purchasing a car, but there are a handful of leasing companies that work with bad credit customers. These companies are often known as sub-prime lenders. Customers with bad credit who get approved for a car lease may have to pay a higher interest rate, which is known as a money factor, or lease factor in the automotive industry.

What Companies Offer the Best Insurance on a Leased Car?

Most automobile insurance companies offer insurance for a leased car. Buying insurance for a leased car isn't much different from buying insurance for a financed car. Although, you do want to let the insurance company know the vehicle is leased, rather than financed. There may be specific coverage that your leasing company requires you to have on the leased car. Some of the nationwide insurance companies that offer deals on leased cars include Geico, Progressive, State Farm, Esurance, and Liberty Mutual. You may also be able to check with a local insurance agent to find a great deal on insurance for your leased car. The company that offers the best insurance will vary depending on the type of vehicle, the required coverage, your driving history, and location.

What are the Most Trusted Car Delivery Companies?

There are a number of trusted car delivery companies nationwide. Some of the better known and trusted names in car delivery include Das Auto Shippers, A1 Auto Transport, Door to Door Auto Transport, United Road, National Transport LLC, and Pro Auto Transport. This, however, is not a comprehensive list. The best way to determine if a car delivery company should be trusted is to read the company's profile and check its rating with the Better Business Bureau. Look for the company with a high satisfaction rating and a low number of complaints.


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