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January 27, 2012

When you’re looking for a cheap used car auto loan, there are a number of ways to optimize your chances of good financing deals that won’t wreck your wallet. Just because a vehicle is not brand-new doesn’t mean it can’t get extremely expensive with the wrong kinds of auto loan deals in place. Buyers have some general strategies, each with their own hints and tips, that will help make sure you have the right payment agreement in place for your pre-owned ride.

Finding Avenues to Low Interest Rates

One of the big ways to locate good used car auto loan deals is to shop around. A lender offering a sub-par deal will be betting that you won’t be looking at what other lenders are offering. Taking a few different pages from large and small auto loan lenders will help you see what the market is like in relation to your particular situation.

When you are researching your options for low interest auto loans for a used car, you can also think about including a co-signer if this will produce more favorable interest rates and loan terms. Just be careful with the paperwork, since some co-signer auto loan agreements can be extremely tricky and can leave confusion about who is primarily responsible for payment.

Setting Up Your Used Car Auto Loan for Success

When it comes to the nuts and bolts of your loan agreement, there are a few things that can help you avoid higher payments over time.

One of the main strategies for buyers is to provide a large down payment, especially on a pre-owned vehicle. With your large up-front investment, you are telling lenders that you are going to honor the purchase agreement. This can bring down interest rates on its own; it also decreases the amount that you will be financing. The large down payment is a prime factor in speeding up a loan and getting your car title into your hands sooner.

Buyers can also stick to shorter-term loans for a used car, work around fees and other obligations, and have a clear understanding of how the title will be freed from any liens when final payment is made.

Looking at Alternative Used Car Auto Loans

When it comes to car loans for used vehicles, not all loan agreements are created equal. Some buyers like to look at different kinds of personal or car loans that decrease risk for the lender by offering collateral.

One of these loan types is an automobile cash loan. These loans, also called auto pawn loans or auto title loans, are similar to cash payday loans in that they give the borrower cash balanced against assets. In this case, the asset is a vehicle that the borrower already owns free and clear. The buyer can put a lien on the title of their owned vehicle, and get a portion of that value to provide financing for a newer car.

Although these loans are popular for some consumers, other warn about some major risks. An auto pawn loan or other automobile cash loan can include short repayment terms accompanied by steep interest rate hikes. Always read the loan agreement carefully, and don’t be afraid to walk away from a deal that looks pricey.

Buyers can also use a home equity loan or HELOC home equity line of credit to finance the purchase of a used vehicle.

The above methods of securing lower interest car loans will help you profit from an optimized purchase of a pre-owned vehicle so that you have a better chance of full ownership during the life of your car or truck.

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