6 Ideas for Christmas Decorations for Cars

January 27, 2012

For drivers who spend a lot of time in their vehicles, Christmas decorations for cars are at the top of the list for the holidays. There's a lot more that car owners can do to dress up their rides for Christmas, beyond the usual bah-humbug effort of throwing a Christmas tree air freshener on the rear view mirror. Here are some of the top ways to decorate a car for the Yuletide holiday season.

  1. Lighting - From tiny LED light strings to neon installations, cars and trucks of all sizes are sporting some Christmas cheer in the form of additional brilliance. Ideas range from a small string across the top of the back window, to a whole lot of rope lights snaking all over the contours of some lumbering Hummer or other plus-sized ride. The trick for adding lights is knowing what's safe and legal: there are laws against some kind of aftermarket lights for traffic safety, so know what you're limited to in your city and state before lighting up your car for Christmas.
  2. Decals - A nice temporary way of adding Christmas spirit to a vehicle is with plastic decals that can easily come off when the holiday season is over. Retailers sell a range of sizes and shapes, from reindeer to candy canes and assorted Christmas figures, that drivers can apply to a door, hood, or other area without too much trouble.
  3. Dashboard Decorations - Some Christmas-spirited drivers like to put a small stuffed animal or other decoration on the dashboard of the car. Again, though, the key to this kind of decoration is safety: make sure that Rudolph, Santa or whoever else is riding shotgun doesn't interfere with front visibility for the driver.
  4. Wrapping - Other drivers take the path used by some holiday advertisers and slap a big red ribbon or a bow onto a vehicle for the holidays. These decorations are often only for parked vehicles, since lots of extra gear can come unglued from cars while they're on the road.
  5. Santa Faces - An easy option for Christmas decorations for cars that won't get in the way of driving is the Santa face: these sticky plastic decorations can put Santa Claus in the back seat of your vehicle, looking out at the winter wonderland.
  6. The Holly and the Ivy - Other drivers might consider putting some Christmas greens or berries on display in their vehicles. Adding these decorations to the interior without decreasing visibility can be a better way to dress up a car than putting a wreath or other decoration on the front grill, where they can easily come loose when the vehicle is in motion.

Think about adding any of the above or other creative Christmas decorations to the car to help celebrate the holiday. Always consider safety first in any additional installations, seasonal or otherwise, in order to help keep everyone accident-free during the holiday season.