7 Major Modified Car Show Events

January 27, 2012

A modified car show will display vehicles that have been changed using aftermarket prices. These modifications are used to enhance the performance of look of the vehicle. A modified car is different from a custom car, as modified cars tend to be modern cars, while custom cars are older vehicles. These performance cars may include tuner cars and other street cars that the owners have souped up.

  1. Scottish Modified Car Show: This is the biggest modified car show that occurs in Scotland at the Royal Highland centre in Ingliston. You will be able to see motorcycle stunt driving, stunt driving, go-karting, modified car models, sound off competitions, and more than 1,000 modified cars and car clubs. You will be able to interact with retailers, dealers, aftermarket manufacturers, stage games, and much more.
  2. K&N Car Show: This is a huge modified car show in Southern California. This is mainly for the Honda community, with live music, raffles, models, vendor booths, cars, and much more. They offer new models, information on aftermarket prices, and the opportunity to speak with other modified car enthusiasts. This show is held in Riverside, California.
  3. The Fast Show: If you like hot rods and modified cars, then this is a great show. This is held at the Fast Pod Raceway and you can see the modified cars in action on the raceway, view the cars off the road, and much more. The car owners set up their own BBQs, and some even camp at the show for the duration of the weekend.
  4. SpoCom Modified Car Show: This show occurs in several spots but the best for modified cars is in San Mateo. This show has a large number of the latest import cars, lowriders, and other top modified cars. Besides a car show, there are several fashion shows with models from the industry, which include a lingerie show, bikini show, and even several dance performances.
  5. USC Ultimate Street Car: This is one of the best festivals for modified cars in Europe. It is one of the most respected shows, as there are clubs, traders, models, show & shine, music, and much more. You can drive your car on a race track, enter in the competitions, and display your modified car. There are 3 different music zones, drift displays, and stunt performances.
  6. Fintona Car Show: This modified car show is held in Northern Ireland. This focuses more on stunt driving rather than displaying your modified car, but makes for a great day in some beautiful surroundings. The major car manufacturers are some of the sponsors, and you can find some truly interesting and customized cars.
  7. Ignition Xtreme Modified Car Show: This is a long weekend that features modified cars and models. This is held in Nottingham in the UK. Some of the events include a fun fair, old skool fancy dress party, world cup driving competitions, flame off contest, trade arena, entertainment, music, and much more. The energy and events at this show make it a top show in the country. There are activities for everyone in the family, and a lot of activities at night as well as during the day.
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