Biggest Tuner Car Shows in the World

January 26, 2012

A tuner car show will show imported cars that are used for street racing. There are many shows around the world of which a popular is Hot Import Nights and the SEMA Import Show. These tuner cars are modified and particularly popular in the US. A whole subculture evolved in Southern California since hot rods first became popular. Most of the cars used are Japanese imports. Besides import cars you can also see cars that people have customized themselves. You can see customized cars from the entire range of models to low end, all the way to ultra premium.

  • SpoCom: This show takes place at several places with the Super Even at the Long Beach Convention Center. SoCom shows some of the latest import cars, and you can even register your own car to see if you have a chance to win any of the different classes. Besides tuner cars, this even has several fashion shows with top models.
  • SEMA Show: The SEMA show is one of the top import car shows in the industry. Unfortunately this show is not open to the public, but if you are part of the auto industry then you should get a ticket. There will be industry leaders from more than 100 countries and you can see trucks, cars, SUVs, and more. There are 12 different exhibit sections as well as a new product showcase.
  • Hot Import Nights: The Hot Import Nights show travels around the country, so no matter where you live it will come to each region. You can see new models, car shows, drag racing, music, and more all at your local race track. The show will stay for 2 days at each stop and the kickoff of the 2010 tour starts in New Hampshire. Other stops on the tour include Chicago, New York, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Miami, and Las Vegas.
  • Tokyo Auto Show: If you can travel to Tokyo, then you should go to the Tokyo Auto Show, which is the best tuner show. Most import or tuner cars are altered Japanese models, and if you want to see what the latest models and technology are, then you should check out this car show. You can test drive several new models and even see the latest tuner cars that are mixing green technology.
  • Tristate Import Tuner Show: This show has more than 500 import cars and you can also see motorcycles and trucks. You can even enter your own vehicle. Some of the categories and trophies awarded include Best in Show, Best Truck, Best Muscle Show, Best Exotic, Best Euro, Best Paint, Best Import Tuner, Best Female Ride, Best Mopar, Best Classic, and much more. If you want to register, you should do it early.

Related Questions and Answers

What Kind of Contests Do they Have at a Tuner and Exotic Car Show?

An Exotic car show is the breath of the auto industry. All the razzmatazz and showmanship, the glitz and the glamour of the industry goes into these shows. Not for nothing are they called exotic car shows. The pretty girls drape on the bonnets, the skimpy bikinis, it's all there. Numerous competitions are held at these shows including things such as the Miss Bikini competition, Best in Show, Best Detailing, Drag Racing, and even several fashion shows with some of the best models showing off the clothes. It's the hoopla of the industry showing the world what is available and making sure you enjoy yourself. There is a wide variety of interest for the entire family at an exotic car show.

What is the Biggest Modified Car Show in America Each Year?

A modified car show is big business. The biggest business of them all is Hot Import Nights, with SEMA a close second. The SEMA show is however for the motor industry only. The stands on these shows are so popular that in 2010, no other outside stalls were available. The show was exclusively for modified cars. The modified car show for Hot Import Nights is a travelling show. Going around the country showing the vehicles off in various venues for two nights at a time. Some of the other shows tend to allow personal entries of cars that have been privately modified. Modified car shows only get bigger and better each year.

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