Ferrari World Theme Park to Open in Abu Dhabi

January 27, 2012

We've all heard of Disneyland and Disney World. Now car enthusiasts will have their own theme park to visit - Ferrari World. Opening on Wednesday, October 27, the site is the world's largest indoor theme park in the world. 

There are 20 rides, all of which have some kind of a connection to Ferrari. For example, the park has the fastest roller coaster in the world that gives riders the feeling that they are in a Ferrari F1, a G-Force experience that shoots you up over 62 meters through the roof of the park and back down to the ground, racing simulators similar to what is used by the Ferrari racing team, a driving and racing school, a 4-D experience in an attraction called "Speed of Magic," a virtual trip through the Ferrari factory, and a ride through a 12-cylinder engine

Of course, the park also has restaurants. Some serve Italian cuisine. And there are also shops. One shop features products that are rich in Ferrari history and include racing memorabilia. There is an "interactive corner" where children can customize their own souvenirs and you can get souvenir photos of yourself at the park. 

The building that houses the park is about 2,200,000 square feet, topped by a red roof and modeled after the side of a Ferrari GT. Tickets to the place will range from about $61to $102 for adults and about $45 to $74 for children. The ticket allows unlimited use of rides and attractions.

The park will be open six days a week from Tuesday through Sunday and will open each day at noon. Gettng excited? Well, there is a major draw back. The park is located in Abu Dhabi. For more about the park you can visit its website.