How to Enter a Car in an Antique Car Show

January 27, 2012

When entering an antique car show, you will need to make sure you are aware of the specifics. There are classic car shows for specific types of cars and cars for certain time periods. You can find a general vintage car show, a show for custom vintage, cars from the '50s and much more. The registration process will be fairly similar for all, but the application to register will differ depending on how much information is needed and if you need to pay a fee to enter.

Step1 - Find the Show

To see which shows are available in your area, you want to contact a local classic car club or find a website that provides details on car shows. If you still are not having any luck then contacting a local classic car dealer is a good idea, as they may be able to point you in the right direction.

Step 2 - Join a Club

If you are interested in regularly entering your classic car in shows then you should think about joining a classic car club, as they will provide you with all the specifics for the different shows. You also are able to talk with other owners about your vehicle, restoration and information on hard to find parts.

Step 3 - Request Information

Most classic car shows will have their own website and you can request additional information directly online. Many will allow you to register online.

Step 4 - Registering

You want to find a show that is suitable for your car as there are fundraiser shows, competitions and much more. Once you have found the show contact the coordinators for the registration information. It is best to register as early as possible, as most shows have limited space. Generally, the larger the show the easier it will be to register and you do not have worry about not getting a space. You can designate your car just to show or to sell.

Step 5 - Provide Information

You will need to provide some information on your car when registering. You will need to enter in the car model, year and other information. Most shows will want to know the type of restoration that has gone on and any history you may have on the car. You may also have the opportunity to enter it in a specific competition, though this may have an additional fee depending on the show.

Step 6 - Confirmation

Once you have successfully registered, you will receive confirmation. You should receive information on when and where to bring your car, including directions on where to bring the car. There tend to be different entrances depending on those participating in the show and visitors. You may have to be with your car for a period of time to answer any questions. All of these details will be provided when you enter.

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