How to Find a Classic Car Show Schedule

January 27, 2012

A classic car show is a great venue for you to find other people like you with a passion for old automobiles. Sometimes these shows are just for entertainment, and other times they are meant to auction off some of the vehicles you see. Finding a classic car show in California Texas, Florida or anywhere else is as simple as looking online. Here are some suggestions to help you do that.

Step 1 - Check AutoTrader

Probably one of the most popular sites online to find shows is AutoTrader Classics. They offer  information on finding cars, car parts and other classic car services. They also give you the opportunity to sell a classic car online, and they have a community page where members get together to share their stories and cars together. They have a nice search feature that will help you find a classic car event in your area, or perhaps an area that you are thinking of visiting. While on the site, you can check the "Featured Events," which lists all of the big specialty car shows. This site allows their members to submit their own classic car events to share with others, and you can find that information readily available.  

Step 2 - Check HubcapCafe

If you don't like the featured events on AutoTrader, you can move onto HubcapCafe. This is another classic car resource site that lets you search any state for classic car shows and events. They even include shows that are in Canada. They have listings for not only classic shows but also Concours d'Elegance, Cruise, Swap Meets or auctions in your own area. They allow you to post your own events and share photos of your cars and your events. 

Step 3 - Look for Traveling Shows

Car Show News is a site that features the Goodguys Rod and Custom Shows that travel all over the country. They also break their listings down into categories such as new cars, auto, trade, antique and classic shows. These are broken into smaller categories, like:

  1. Chrysler
  2. Collector Auction
  3. Concours d'Elegance
  4. Corvette
  5. Ford
  6. General Motors
  7. Imported Cars
  8. Mopar
  9. Muscle Cars
  10. Orphan Cars
  11. Truck & Tractor
  12. Rod & Custom

They even provide lists of car museums and coach builders. They feature all the latest news on all cars, from brand new to antique.

Step 4 - Check All over the US

If you still want to look for a show around you, you can check out This is a nice site that lists all the current car shows around the United States. They cover custom, antique, lowrider, classic, luxury, rat rods, street rods, muscle and exotic cars. Not only do they have listings for the entire United States, but they also include classifieds and special attractions. They give people the opportunity to start food booths or entertain at a car show.

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