Part 2: Top 10 Cars to Buy New Over Used


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Armaan Almeida was an Automotive Editor who produced buying guides and sneak previews, in addition to publishing daily news stories and tracking monthly deals, incentives and pricing trends from Toyota, Nissan and Lexus.

, Automotive Editor - April 20, 2015

You're better off buying one of these 2015 models over their older brethren.

In the second part of our two-part series on buying a new car vs. buying a used card, we continue to take a closer look at uncovering the best new car values currently available. With the recent news coverage shedding light on the glut of used car inventory flowing into dealerships, we make the case for buying new versus buying used--specifically buying a new 2015 model over one that's 1-2 years old.

Please also not that we are offering three different price ranges as opposed to two, since the majority of the 2015 models here have already been on the market for around six months (2014, used 2015 and new 2015).

Here's the second batch of our 2-part series (Part 1 was published Friday, April 17, 2015).

Toyota Camry

With over 10.6 million Camrys sold in the United States alone, chances are, you've either driven or been a passenger in one at one point in your life. And the new 2015 model is hands down the best Camry yet, offering up a well-sorted chassis and suspension to liven up the driving dynamic of the staid sedan. The Camry does seemingly everything well, and it's one of the best values on the market, regardless of segment. You can and will find lower-priced 2014 models--but don't kid yourself--it's not the same as the 2015. The new model receives heavy updates to not only the underpinnings, but to the exterior and interior as well which further pump up the value. The aggressive styling is something that's been lacking on the Camrys of yore, but like almost everything, the look of the Camry has evolved. Moreover, rare incentives from Toyota this month bolster the case to buy new over used.

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Nissan Sentra

Nissan's popular compact sedan features a solid set of standard features to go along with its outstanding fuel economy and sprightly performance. The 2015 Sentra continues to come in five different trim levels. The 2015 model doesn't receive a ton of new features, but it does come with both Bluetooth and USB ports, both of which are now standard on all Sentras. The best part of buying a 2015 model? The new rebates and incentives, which further close the gap between buying new and buying used.

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Audi A4

The Audi A4 is one of the most leased vehicles in the U.S. Which explains why you can find so many of the older 2013 and 2014 models on the used market. Just be warned: they have lots of miles. Drive an A4 and you'll understand why, as the sedan offers a firm yet compliant ride without nary a complaint. The A4 is available with some good incentives this month, which further makes the case for buying a new 2015 opposed to an older 2014. Some well-optioned used 2015s are available, but when you factor in the price, it makes way more sense to buy new.

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Ford Mustang

You're probably thinking: "a sports car?" They are among the fastest depreciating vehicle segments. You'll probably find boatloads of older 2014s on the market, which represent a decent value. But for 2015, the Mustang gets big upgrades that add up to one of the most substantial redesigns in recent memory and is a lot better than the older model. The new Mustang also features an Independent Rear Suspension (IRS) which will help it run circles around the Camaro and Challenger. Sweetening the deal are rebates which are now beginning to surface.

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Subaru Impreza

We can't think of another manufacturer that's improved upon their outgoing models as much as Subaru. From the Forester to the Impreza you see here, their models continue to evolve and most importantly--improve year-over-year and generation-over-generation. The new 2015 model is no different. It offers a host of upgrades including updated styling, better soft-touch interior materials, a snazzy new infotainment system and better fuel economy than the 2014. Used 2015 samples are available, but the pickings are slim, making the case to buy a new 2015 outright. You won't see any huge advertised rebates, but Subaru dealers do commonly discount the models on their lots. The 2015 Impreza is available in both sedan and wagon bodystyles. If you have a growing family and/or pets, we strongly suggest taking a look at the latter. Once you own a wagon, you'll be hard-pressed to rationalize the case for a sedan.

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, Automotive Editor

Armaan Almeida was an Automotive Editor who produced buying guides and sneak previews, in addition to publishing daily news stories and tracking monthly deals, incentives and pricing trends from Toyota, Nissan and Lexus.

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