Top Military Vehicle Show in the U.S.

January 27, 2012

A military vehicle show is the place to see the latest military vehicles. At many vehicle shows you can see historical military vehicles, of which many are privately owned or very rare. These shows are not as publicized as the auto shows for more popular and widely driven cars. If you are looking for a show in your area, then see about contacting a well known military vehicle manufacturer.

  • IDGA Military Vehicles Exhibition & Conference: The IDGA conference is the largest stand alone exhibition of its kind in the US. You can find component manufacturers, academia, OEMS, Department of Defense representatives, and much more, all in one spot. This is a great place to learn about new military programs, international partners, make connections, and just talk. If you only attend one military vehicle expo each year then this should be it.
  • Papago Military Vehicle Show: This show is held in Phoenix each year. It is held to commemorate the war veterans and has been going strong for the last 20 years. You can see Jeeps from Vietnam, World War II, and the Korean War. There are humvees from Afghanistan, Iraq, and you can see armored cars from the past 70 years. All of these historic vehicles are judged on their originality. You can also swap military collectibles as well as attend the military surplus auction.
  • East Coast Rally Military Vehicle Show: This is one of the longest running and largest annual events of its kind in the US. This military vehicle exhibition is a not for profit event and all the proceeds go to civic organizations, war memorials, military museums, and not for profit charities. You can see the military vehicles, attend the flea market, and attend the swap meet.
  • Mesa Military Vehicle Show: This is a military vehicle show that takes place in Mesa, Arizona each year. You can see static aircraft displays, collectibles, military vehicles from World War II to the present, a swap meet, vendors, vehicle competitions, parts, and much more.
  • Virginia War Museum Military Vehicle Show: Each year the Virginia War museum hosts a military vehicle show. This normally takes place in September. It is free to attend the show and you can discover vintage military vehicles, an ambulance, German half track, military motorcycles, armored car, Jeeps, and more. There are many vendors that sell uniforms, insignia, memorabilia, and books. The museum is a great place to see the many collections from 1775 to the present.
  • AUVSI Show: This military show is for unmanned military vehicles. This show brings together government, businesses, and decision makers in the commercial and defense sectors. This focuses more on technology, but you can still see some of the example vehicles that do not require drivers. There are specific military environments where this is very important.
  • Military Vehicles Expo: This expo is the US version of the International defense military vehicle exhibition held in Europe each year. This expo brings you in contact with industry and military experts, and one can learn about armored vehicles. They provide lessons from the battlefield, vehicle trends, and some of the smaller suppliers and component manufacturers.
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