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BMW 2-Series Generations

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2022 - 2025 BMW 2-Series

BMW 2-Series OEM Exterior Primary Photo

There aren't many small sports cars on sale anymore, but BMW continues to sell the 2-Series. The current generation of the coupe came out in 2022 and will continue to stick around for 2025, though it's arriving with a few new features for the model year. Here's what shoppers can expect to see from the 2025 BMW 2-Series. Beyond some new paint colors and wheel designs, the 2025 BMW 2-Series will share the same overall exterior design as the current model that's on sale. The current 2-Series feat... Read more

2018 - 2021 BMW 2-Series

BMW 2-Series OEM Exterior Primary Photo

The BMW 2-Series has enjoyed a small but loyal legion of fans since it first debuted in 2014, largely due to its attractive styling, nimble handling, and businesslike focus on the job of driving. Out of the entire BMW lineup, it's this modest two-door that perhaps best embodies the long-standing sport-luxury ethos of BMW. Whether that will hold true in 2022 is a different matter. It's been all but confirmed that a new 2-Series is on its way, making the 2021 BMW 2-Series the swan song of the mo... Read more