Looks Of A Concept Car. Automakers are pulling out all of the stops on the design front with their electric vehicles. Cadillac has done the same with the all-new LYRIQ. The brand's first all-electric vehicle is a looker with a design that looks like it belongs to a concept car.

The LYRIQ EV is visually stunning. The grille retains Cadillac’s crest shape, though it features laser-etched pinstripes. Instead, the single-piece grille features vertical, horizontal, and angled lighting elements that create a dramatic outline when lit up. It’s a dramatic feature that ensures the LYRIQ makes an entrance everywhere it goes. The electric SUV also has stunning LED headlights that consist of nine lights that are stacked vertically. The back of the LYRIQ is nearly as theatrical, with a heavily sloped rear end, L-shaped taillights, and vertically oriented taillights at the bottom of the bumper.

We’re sad to report that the cabin isn’t nearly as stylish, though the way the massive 33-inch LED screen is curved and the slightly angled center console are nice. Cadillac does pack the LYRIQ with rich materials for a high-end look. We’re especially fond of the way the metallic trim is intermingled with the wood trim.

Velvety-Smooth Performance. At the moment, the LYRIQ is only available with a single powertrain. The electric SUV comes standard with a single electric motor on the rear wheels. The setup is good enough for 340 horsepower. While acceleration isn’t as punchy as some of the LYRIQ’s rivals, the SUV does feel responsive. A good estimate for the LYRIQ to get to 60 mph is roughly 6 seconds.

Cadillac will offer the LYRIQ in a dual-motor configuration with all-wheel drive that will make up to 500 hp in the future. That configuration should offer far more performance, but Cadillac is staying mum on what kind of figures we can expect to see with that SUV.

The way the LYRIQ handles will be a letdown to enthusiasts. The electric SUV has composed handling, but doesn’t feel nearly as sporty as some of its competitors. Additionally, the ride is nice and composed on smooth pavement, but gets rough on tarmac that’s riddled with potholes. Still, for an SUV that weighs north of 5,600 pounds in its base trim and 22-inch wheels, we’re impressed with how the LYRIQ feels unlike any other SUV in Cadillac’s lineup.

Cadillac offers the LYRIQ with a 102-kWh battery pack that offers an estimated range of 312 miles on a single charge. That figure is a competitive amount for the class, though some options like the BMW iX, Tesla Model X, and Rivian R1S offer more range.

High Quality, Roomy Cabin. The LYRIQ’s rich interior has plenty of upscale touches to feel like a premium option. The SUV also has plenty of room in the first row, feeling downright spacious for most passengers. The only issue we could find with the LYRIQ’s front seats are the manually-adjustable headrests.

When Cadillac unveiled the LYRIQ concept, the electric SUV was a four-seater. Cadillac should have stuck with the original plan, because the second row doesn’t have enough space to accommodate three people. The electric SUV does have enough room for two passengers to sit comfortably with 39.6 inches of rear legroom. The issue with the middle rear seat is a protruding seatback and a wide center console.

The LYRIQ’s gorgeous design eats into cargo space, though it seems a lot bigger than it looks. With the rear seats in place, the LYRIQ offers up to 28 cubic feet of cargo space. Folding the rear seats down results in a total of 60.8 cubic feet of total cargo space. The BMW iX, Rivian R1S, and Tesla Model X are far more spacious.

2023 Cadillac LYRIQ Interior

Astounding Tech Features. Just like the Escalade, the LYRIQ is packed with enough tech features to warrant its own YouTube channel. A few of the SUV’s features, like a head-up display and Super Cruise, won’t be available until later model years, which is a shame. Super Cruise will be coming out as an over-the-air software update before the end of 2022, while the head-up display has been pushed back to 2024 models.

Consumers still get an incredible roster of tech features that includes a 33-inch curved LED touchscreen that acts as both the digital instrument cluster and central touchscreen. Drivers can touch the screen or control features through a click wheel on the center console.

The touchscreen is the primary source for nearly all of the LYRIQ’s controls, which include opening the glovebox to selecting drive settings. With so many features being packed into a single infotainment system, it’s understandable that some things are hidden deep in the interface. While we get it, some things are really buried away and are nearly impossible to find. The good news is that Google Assistant is included, as is wireless smartphone compatibility. The display also has crisp graphics.

With a starting price tag of $62,990, the LYRIQ doesn’t feel overpriced. Cadillac certainly packed the only trim available with tons of features that include 20-inch wheels, a Wi-Fi hot spot, a wireless charging pad, a 19-speaker AKG audio system, over-the-air update compatibility, and a whole suite of advanced safety features. With this kind of equipment, the LYRIQ almost feels like a value option in the class.

Final Thoughts. General Motors wants Cadillac to be an all-electric brand by 2030. The 2023 Cadillac LYRIQ sets the luxury automaker’s sights high and will be a tough act to follow. The cutting-edge LYRIQ, in traditional Cadillac fashion, abandons sportiness for opulence and comfort. It works.

The Audi e-tron was one of the first all-electric SUVs on sale. Is available with up to 496 hp, can get to 60 mph in 4.3 seconds, has an available Sportback model, and has up to 222 miles of range. Doesn’t have the same high-tech features as the LYRIQ and isn’t as spacious.

The Genesis GV60 is the latest entry to the class. It has a unique design, athletic handling, up to 483 hp, and up to 248 miles of range. It’s more affordable than the LYRIQ and comes with standard all-wheel drive.

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