The crossover SUV segment has been on fire for over a decade now, and it just keeps on growing. Cadillac is not one to shy away from this popular segment, as it offers the midsize 2016 SRX to buyers who like that not-quite-sedan, not-quite-SUV experience.

Pricing and Equipment

The 2016 Cadillac SRX starts out at $37,605, a competitive price of entry for a luxury crossover. In this base format, it comes with front-wheel drive and a wide range of standard features like:

  • Dual-zone climate control
  • An eight-speaker Bose sound system.
  • 18-inch wheels
  • Leatherette seating

In order to have all-wheel drive as an option, we would have to opt for one of the three higher trim levels: Luxury, Performance, or Premium.

Performance Pros

Cadillac SRX Red

With GM's venerable 3.6-liter V6 under its hood, the SRX has plenty of power for everyday driving. This V6 also delivers smooth performance, and we think its 308 horsepower is more than enough.

Performance Cons

The SRX sort of hovers in that no-man's land between comfort and performance. The ride isn't especially cushy, but neither is its suspension especially tight. This leaves us wondering where it fits, exactly.

  • We'd appreciate sportier handling
  • Brakes are a bit spongy, and the front end tends to dive on hard braking.
  • High curb weight hurts fuel economy.

Interior Pros

Cadillac SRX Center Console

We noted plenty of advanced tech gadgets in the serene cabin of our SRX. Things like the CUE system and touchscreen kept us interested for hours.

  • There's plenty of technology for everyone.
  • Cut-and-sewn upholstery is a nice touch.
  • We noticed very little cabin noise.

Interior Cons

The rear seat's headroom and legroom is a little tighter than we'd like, a drawback for buyers with tall passengers.

The Most Pleasant Surprise

Cadillac is generous with luxury features, and this builds a case for choosing the SRX over pricier alternatives from BMW or Mercedes-Benz. What's more, the levels of standard equipment just keep on getting better as you move up in trim levels.

The Least Pleasant Surprise

In an era where fuel economy is typically one of the first things that a buyer looks at, we were surprised by the SRX's thirst. At just 19 mpg combined, the SRX doesn't perform much better than a V9-powered Escalade in this important metric.

The Bottom Line

Cadillac SRX Side

The 2016 Cadillac SRX is outstanding in several areas, but merely average in others. For buyers in search of a bang-for-your-buck deal, we think the SRX is a great buy. However, consider its middling fuel economy and not-so-hot handling before making a final decision.