2 Things to Know about Overseas Car Shipping

January 27, 2012

If you're moving to a foreign country and wish to invest in overseas car shipping, or if you have purchased a vehicle from a foreign maker or plan to sell your car to a buyer abroad, you'll need to research international car shipping rates and policies in order to get the best deal and to have the safest transport procedure possible. Roll-on roll-off packages are typically not as readily available for overseas car transport as they are for national transport services. There are also various import duties and taxes to keep in mind as well. Finally, the mode of transport can make a significant difference in the quality of the transport service as well as the cost to you.

Import Duties and Taxes

Many countries charge various import duties and taxes for people who are bringing items that they've purchased abroad into a country. You may be required to pay the country in which the car began its journey as well as the country in which the car ends its journey, in some rare cases. Unfortunately, there is no set procedure for determining these import duties and taxes, as each country has its own set of rules. Thus, the procedure for your particular situation will depend upon the country of origin as well as the final destination site. Visit the government websites of both of these countries and look for information on import taxes and procedures before you make any arrangements to transport your car between two points.

If you fail to properly file your import duties and taxes, or if you attempt to transport the vehicle without having properly arranged for these payments to be made, you may run into several problems. In most cases, the transport company itself will not allow you to continue with the shipping procedure. However in other cases, you may risk your car being retained or impounded at the border. You would then have to pay the duties and taxes as well as an additional fine.

Different Modes of Transport

The two most common ways to transport a car overseas are by boat and by plane. Although sending your car between two points on an airplane is a fast and generally safer procedure, it also costs significantly more than sending your car on a boat. Many companies provide both services, however, so it's important that you choose the best one for your budget and timeframe before you make your final selection.

You should also keep in mind that you can pay extra to have yoru vehicle sent overseas in an enclosed container. This has many benefits over unenclosed shipping, which puts your vehicle at risk of scratches, scrapes and other damage. A vehicle in an enclosed container is less conspicuous and therefore less likely to draw the attention of potential thieves and vandals.

If you have any other questions about overseas car transport, consult with a broker or with a representative at a service provider today.

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