3 Most Dependable Car Transport Companies

January 27, 2012

One of the most important things that you should keep in mind when moving or purchasing a vehicle from a remote location is that you'll need a means of dependable car transport in order to transfer your vehicle from one place to another. In some cases it makes sense for you to drive your car between areas; if you're relocating from one place to another and have to pack up your things into your car, for instance. However, in other cases it is better to use a reliable car shipping service to help transport your car without your needing to be present. If you plan to use a car shipping service, you'll be best served by reading various car shipping reviews for services in your area in order to determine which companies are the highest rated. Among the highest rated companies are Magic Carpet Auto Transport, AmeriFreight, and Domestic Auto Transport, all of which have brief profiles below.

Magic Carpet Auto Transport

Magic Carpet Auto Transport is based in Washington state, but this highly regarded company provides service throughout the United States and even beyond as well. Magic Carpet Auto Transport has nearly 200 5-star reviews on the comprehensive auto transport ratings site Transport Reviews. This company has consistently been rated amongst the best auto transport services available in the United States by many different customers in a variety of different situations, and it has maintained its status as the number 1 website listed on Transport Reviews for over 2 years now.

Magic Carpet Auto Transport sets itself apart from other similar services by charging no down payment or deposit on the cost of shipping your car. This essentially means that you wait until the car has been shipped in order to pay for the service. Although you negotiate the price beforehand, this gives people the peace of mind necessary to hand their vehicles over to another person or transport company, because they know that the company will have to work that much harder in order to take proper care of their cars.


AmeriFreight is a popular choice for auto transport in the United States and abroad. This company is particularly adept at transporting cars from remote locations to the United States or vice versa. If you have purchased or acquired a car or other type of vehicle abroad, or if you're planning to sell your United States car in a foreign country, AmeriFreight can offer you a safe and reliable transport procedure for a low amount of money. AmeriFreight has an excellent reputation for timeliness and quality of service. Many customers comment on how excellent the overall customer service provided by AmeriFreight is, and the company is also highly rated for protecting cars and transmitting them without damage.

Domestic Auto Transport

Domestic Auto Transport is a company that provides a transparent and easy to use interface to the car transport service industry. This company is both highly rated by customers and by professional clients as well, making it a popular and reliable choice for anyone who needs to ship a car.


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