3 Must Have Gas Saving Devices for Your Auto

January 27, 2012

There are a number of ways to help conserve fuel usage in your vehicle, and gas saving devices are among the most often overlooked. While hybrid vehicles and driving techniques can have a major role in getting the best gasoline mileage possible, these devices will help you to save money while you don't run out of gas.

1. FuelMAX

FuelMAX is a magnet system that can be attached to the fuel line in your vehicle. The idea behind this device is that it helps to speed up and make more efficient the process of passing the gasoline from the fuel tank into the engine. This helps to reduce fuel waste and keep your car as efficient as possible.


Water4Gas is a product that claims to be able to help save gas for your vehicle by creating a mixture of gasoline and water that can be used by your car. Before you install this device in your vehicle, it's important that you consult with the reference materials that the company provides, to be sure that your vehicle will be compatible.

3. Cyclone Fuel Saver

The Cyclone Fuel Saver is marketed as a way of increasing the air intake into your engine. By doing this, less gas will be wasted without combusting properly with the air that comes into your fuel tank. The result of the intended use of the Cyclone Fuel Saver is that the gasoline combustion process will be made smoother and more efficient, allowing for both an increase in overall fuel efficiency and also a boost in performance.

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