4 Benefits of Soft Top Covers

January 27, 2012

There’s no other way to glide down a highway in a convertible than in a soft top convertible with the top tucked away. You can clear your roof and simply enjoy the wind in you hair.

If you’re looking into hardtop or soft top convertibles, read over these three reasons to buy one:

  1. More Trunk Space for Baggage: When the time comes for you to take the top down for a cruise towards your next stop, you retract your hardtop back to the trunk only to leave very little space for your luggage.  If you have luggage, where would it go? Use a soft top and you get space in your trunk without having to empty it. With a soft top cover there is no need to place your baggage in the back seat. You can keep the back seat clear for passengers or more important items that you would need immediately or as you drive.
  2. More Sun and Sky: The best place for a convertible is under a sunny sky and rolling down the highway. The best way to enjoy this is when you have a soft top that easily stores away.  In sunny weather, a soft top is very handy. It’s very easy to install and very easy to store. Simply keep the soft top on when parked and take it down when heading out.
  3. Minimalist Beauty: There’s a sleek beauty that only comes from a soft top convertible. There’s a very smooth line that encases the back seat like a cocoon of leather that almost looks like a fine sofa. With a soft top convertible, the rear seat and trunk retains its curves the way it was designed to be; a minimalist beauty expressed in elegant curves.
  4. Less Weight More Sun: A soft top convertible is far lighter than a hardtop. The soft top does not affect your car’s equilibrium. You can keep driving without worrying if the car’s rear is lower than the front. You can enjoy your cruise without lugging around a heavy hardtop in the back.

Even with a jeep, you may find it much easier to install a soft top onto the back and simply store it away when the sun is out. Like a Suzuki soft top, you get the same benefits as you do in a convertible sedan without having to sacrifice the fun of riding out in the back.

Soft tops are very easy to install on a jeep or a convertible. Jeeps have a variety of designs. The soft tops like the Suzuki soft top also have varying styles that serve different purposes. They can be used for total cover with a high roof space at the back. They can also be installed to cover only the front seats with ample roof space and a low cover at the back.

For soft top convertible care, simple be careful when taking the top down to make sure that you keep it clear from objects, especially sharp objects. Do not place anything on top of the cover. Also keep it as clean as you keep your convertible clean.

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