4 Most Commonly Asked Questions at Car Dealerships

January 27, 2012

When visiting car dealerships, there are several commonly asked questions that you may have during or after the negotiation process. Whether you are shopping for a new or used car, asking the right questions can help you get the best auto prices possible. When shopping for a car, be sure to take advantage of the tools available at CarsDirect to be put in contact with local dealerships that sell your preferred vehicles. Below are some of the most commonly asked questions at new and used car dealerships:

  1. What Is Your Best Price?
    This question is commonly asked by buyers soon after arriving at the dealership. The question of best price is little more than a conditioned question that is of little value to buyer or seller. As a buyer, you may not even know what you are willing to pay for a vehicle so soon after arriving. The salesperson could also get annoyed because they do not have authority to approve a sale, and they may not even know what the best possible price is. This question is best left until after a test drive. Just think, if the vehicle is in poor condition, you might not want it at any price.
  2. What Is the Rebate?
    Rebates are discounts passed from the manufacturer to the end purchaser on a new vehicle. Asking a salesperson about all of the rebates available on different models could lead them to think you are window shopping or are not very serious. If you are concerned about rebates, you should consider requesting online price quotes. After you receive a quote via email, you could send a reply asking about rebates. It is also easy to learn about local rebates via manufacturer's websites.
  3. What Is My Trade Worth?
    Even though the best car buying strategy is to keep the trade out of the equation until you begin negotiating, the first question from many prospects is regarding trade value. If you ask about trade value before sitting down to negotiate with a salesperson, you could be wasting your time. The salesperson will likely print a Kelley Blue Book value and end it there. Book value is not always representative of what a dealership may offer for your trade. Make sure that the salesperson takes the car to be looked at by an appraiser who will put a definite actual cash value on the trade.
  4. How Long for an Order?
    Many customers are interested in special ordering a vehicle, so this is a common question at new car dealerships. In most cases, the dealership will have nothing more than a general estimate of production time, especially on vehicles in high demand. If a car not in high demand, the dealership should be able to trade with another retailer who has a vehicle that matches your specifications in stock. Many dealers view customers who ask about special ordering to be casual shoppers who are looking for an objection and reason to leave the dealership.

While some of these questions are valid when negotiating the best auto price, others are simply conditioned responses provided by many car shoppers. By straying from these questions and focusing on negotiating, you can get a better price and spend less time at the dealership.

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