4 Most Popular Exotic Sports Cars

January 27, 2012

It’s kind of an oxymoron to talk about most popular exotic sports cars because for them to be exotic there needs to be a certain rarity. That means they can only be so popular. Still, certain cars come to mind when the words “exotic sports cars” are heard. That would, in a way, qualify those vehicles as “popular.”


The Bugatti company has an interesting history. It was originally founded before World War II, not in Italy, but rather France. Sure, the man who founded the company, Ettore Bugatti was an Italian immigrant, but the original Bugattis were French, not Italian. For the most part Bugatti built race cars, and in small numbers. The company essentially faded away by the 1950’s—at least in terms of car production. In 1987 another Italian bought the rights to the name Bugatti and formed a new Bugatti auto maker, this one in Italy. They manufactured the EB110 before also becoming extinct. In 1999 Volkswagen bought the rights to the name and a year later formed their own Bugatti company. Thus far they have produced a couple of prototypes and only a couple cars that could be really called production vehicles. Of course, Bugatti was always about small numbers of cars. That’s part of what makes them as sought after (and exotic) as they are.


Another Italian company that got its start in the 1920’s building race cars, Ferrari began making street legal vehicles a little after World War II. A company that produces a number of different models these days, they, like the others are exclusive, but are also iconic and one of the more household names. They’ve shown themselves willing to think outside the box, most recently unveiling a hybrid concept Ferrari. Of course, the hybrid idea is meant in this case to provide additional horsepower more than increasing fuel efficiency.


While Lamborghinis are still exclusive; they are not nearly as exclusive as the Bugatti line. Formed in Italy in 1963, Lamborghini is another company that is now under German ownership, as Audi (a subsidiary of Volkswagen) bought them in 1998. Lamborghini produced more models of cars and in larger quantities than Bugatti ever has. That makes them more accessible. However, with their vehicles priced well into six digit figures, they are not likely to ever become less than an exotic sports car. In many ways Lamborghini represents that label better than any other company because their vehicles are more widely iconic.


Another Italian company, Maserati began making race cars in the 1920’s. The 1990’s saw Maserati bought by Fiat and in more recent times they have become part of Alfa Romeo (still under the Fiat banner). They currently manufacture several different models with price tags well into six figures. The US market accounts for somewhere in the neighborhood of 2,000 Maserati sales each year.

It’s likely that most people will never have the opportunity to own an exotic sports car. Of course, that’s part of their appeal. They are the dream that you will probably never attain. For those who do manage to get them, they represent a tangible manifestation of success.

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