4 Tips for Buying a Porsche Import

January 27, 2012

A Porsche import, no matter the model, is an expensive purchase. That means you should make sure you’ve done your homework before signing on the line to get your car. Make sure you know as many things about the various models as you can and what the potential hurdles you’ll need to overcome might be.

Research The Models

Not every Porsche is the same. Using Porsche’s website you can explore the various options. Specifications and variations are all there. This will let you compare different models. If you are looking for a Boxter import or a Carrera import, you’ll find it. You can even use a “build your own” model to put various packages together to design a Porsche that’s right for you. Understand that it’s possible that not every type of configuration will be available for import into the United States. The website can probably give you that information, but you might also want to contact a Porsche dealer to find out more.


Although the type of driver who is looking to purchase a Porsche isn’t as cost conscious as a lot of other drivers, it doesn’t mean you should pay more. Check around with different Porsche dealers and see if their pricing is similar. If there’s even a few percent difference in price it might be worth a trip to go pick up your car from a dealer other than your closest option. Of course, if you have a valid offer from another dealer, there is a chance your local dealer will match it. Remember, though, that only one company (Porsche Cars North America, Inc. in Atlanta, Georgia) is authorized to import Porsches into the United States. That means all Porsche dealers get their cars from that firm. Of course, you could also research buying one in Europe and bringing it to the United States yourself.


The warranty on Porsches varies depending on where it was purchased. So, if you buy one in Europe and ship it yourself, you warranty will be different than if you buy one in the United States. For vehicles purchased in the United States that warranty is a four year, 50,000 mile warranty. That’s bumper to bumper. The car also has a ten year (unlimited mileage) rust warranty. Remember, too, that if you buy one in Europe, you might have to return it to Europe for service under the warranty. Consult with the service department before making a purchase to get the details.

Think About Used

While buying a used Porsche from an independent seller or used car lot is an option, there are definitely potential problems there. The main one is that you might be buying someone else’s problems at a luxury price. One answer is to get a used Porsche directly from the company. They maintain a high level of quality on any pre-owned vehicles they sell and offer a warranty of 2 years/100,000 miles beyond the factory warranty on all certified pre-owned vehicles they sell.

Owning a Porsche is an experience many never get to know. If you are looking to become a member of that elite group, do your homework before making your purchase. German engineering in a luxury sports car is something worth having, but make sure you know your options before buying.

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