5 Best Import Car Tuner Parts

January 27, 2012

If you are looking for some of the best import car tuner parts, you should check out these highly rated options. This selection has been proven to give any import vehicle the competitive edge that owners love. Whether you are in search of stock engine car parts or regular performance race car parts, these tuner options will definitely give you an advantage.

  1. ARP Head Studs: If you're looking for great alloy parts, don't overlook this piece. These are used to hold head gaskets in place and are a must for someone making adjustments. This is one of the most sought after pieces during an engine upgrade. 12-point nut measurements range from 209 to 4451. Head studs can be purchased at any local auto parts store or Internet auto part dealer. Regular asking price for a set is around $300. Buying studs in bulk will help to lower the costs for you. It is important to keep in mind that quality means more than how it is spent. These parts are used to hold big engine pieces together.
  2. K1 Rods: This rod is available on a wide variety of import models. It is popular with all sports editions of smaller vehicles. These are high quality rods that can be tightened sharply and hold pressure well inside of the engine. A few of the makes this rod will hold include Acura, Chrysler, Ford and Honda. This can be ordered on all cars that meet the industry standards. Anyone tuning an import will want heavy duty pieces to hold add-ons in the engine compartment.
  3. Stroker Kits: One of the biggest complaints reported by import car owners is not being able to line the bottom of their kit together. After purchasing an import car, most people want to place a kit on themselves to save on having the work done at a dealership. Opting to purchase a stroker kit will considerably improve your torque and performance. This is a highly desired race car part.
  4. Suspension Systems: Every car comes equipped with stock suspension systems from the factory. You don't have to keep those as the only way of ensuring a smooth ride. There are systems coming out in the market that will try to find a way to beat out their competitors. Import cars are usually compact in size and can fit many different brands. In fact, the options are wider because people are more likely to buy after-market additions for these vehicles. Suspension parts make a big difference in how the car will move around, so it's key to purchase the right fit.
  5. Turbo Kits: This is one of the biggest tune options that are made to import vehicles. Turbo kits have the sole purpose of increasing your engine's horsepower. Mazda, Nissan, Honda, Scion and Toyota are just a few import models that can be equipped with turbo kits. They do not harm the engine and actually add durability to the car. This can easily be obtained by ordering from your car dealership or purchased at auto part shops worldwide. Prices can range from $1,000 up to $4,500.