5 Most Popular Italian Sports Cars

January 27, 2012

In so many ways the words “Italian sports cars” just seem a natural fit. Some of the best and most beloved sports cars the world has seen are Italian. The short list is a cavalcade of dream cars for those who crave style and speed.


For the sake of being accurate, Bugatti was founded in France, but the founder Ettore Bugatti was born in Italy. The French version of Bugatti was essentially a race car manufacturer, but only built very small numbers of them. After the company stopped making cars in the 1950’s it seemed Bugatti was a dead issue. However, in the 1980’s an Italian company bought the rights to the name and started making Bugattis again. They didn’t last very long, though, but Volkswagen eventually bought the rights to the Bugatti name. Even under VW, though, the car has only produced a handful of vehicles. Bugattis are sought after not only because of their quality, but also because of this rarity.


You can’t get much more exclusive than Cizeta. The company was formed in the 1980’s and in the entire time the company existed they built a total of ten cars, two of them after the firm went bankrupt in the 1990’s.


When Ferrari first began between the two world wars, they manufactured only race cars. After the second World War, though, they made their first street legal cars. In many ways Ferrari is the most iconic of the Italian sports car manufacturers. Showing their interest in stretching their boundaries, they recently showed of a hybrid Ferrari concept car. While most companies use hybrid technology to improve fuel economy, though, the Ferrari uses it as a way to boost horsepower.


Lamborghini is one of the more recent entries. The company was founded in the first part of the 1960’s, but like Bugatti it is now under the Volkswagen umbrella. If Ferrari has a rival for most iconic Italian sports cars, Lamborghini would probably be that competition.


Maserati is another entry to that began by building racing cars and in the 1920’s. While Lamborghini and Bugatti are now owned by Volkswagen, though, Maserati is part of Alfa Romeo and part of the Fiat company.

There’s just something about Italian styling and engineering that screams “sports car.” Certainly the make some of the most well-known and impressive sports cars out there. It seems that Italy will probably always be regarded as one of the biggest bastions of elite sports cars.

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