5 Most Popular SUV Brands for Sale

July 18, 2014
popular suv brands

There are a variety of popular SUV brands available for sale. While it can take some time to find the right SUV for you, completing research before making a decision can help you make the best decision possible wen you are in the market for a new or used sport utility vehicle. This guide highlights some of the most popular SUV brands, both in terms of sales volume and the quality of their products. Be sure to use a service like CarsDirect to find a great selection of new and used SUVs available for sale in your area and nationally. Below are the most popular SUV brands for sale:

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  1. Ford: With sport utility vehicles like the Ford Explorer selling in large volumes, Ford's SUV lineup is far and away the top SUV brand in terms of popularity. While Ford vehicles are popular and offer excellent prices whether you purchase new or used, it can cost a lot of money to buy an up-level Ford SUV. Ford offers SUVs in all sizes, from the mid-size Escape to the full-size Explorer, Expedition and Excursion. Whatever your need, a Ford SUV can offer seating for up to eight passengers and a variety of gas and diesel engines.
  2. Toyota: For SUV buyers looking for import quality coupled with SUV versatility, Toyota offers a sport utility vehicle to fit every need. From the compact RAV4 to the larger Highlander and the body-on-frame Sequoia and Land Cruiser, Toyota SUVs range from simple compact crossovers like the RAV4 to word-class luxury off-roaders like the Land Cruiser. Many Toyota SUVs are built in the United States, and you will also benefit from the great reliability of Toyota products.
  3. GMC: The GMC Truck division of General Motors specializes in building "professional grade" SUVs for heavy-duty users. GMC's SUV offering is the Yukon, which is available in short and long body styles. The Yukon offers a variety of V8 engines, standard seating for up to eight passengers, and lots of luxury amenities. If you are shopping for a used GMC, the Envoy offers a smaller size, a smooth straight-six engine, and a lower selling price. The Envoy was built through the 2009 model year, and there are many examples of nice used Envoys on the market.
  4. Chevrolet: The mainstream line of Chevrolet trucks includes a pair of large SUVs that are related to the GMC Yukon: the Chevrolet Tahoe and Suburban. The Tahoe is a short-body SUV with less cargo space but seating for eight, while the Suburban features a longer body that gives it more storage space. Prior to 2009, Chevrolet also offered the TrailBlazer, a five-passenger SUV related to the GMC Envoy.
  5. Kia: Since introducing its Sorento SUV is 2004, Kia has steadily earned more of the SUV market. Kia offers excellent products, many built in the United States, for prices lower than the competition. Kia's lineup includes the subcompact Sportage, mid-size Sorento and a new full-size Borrego, which offers seating for eight, was introduced for the 2009 model year.

By completing research on a website like CarsDirect, you may find other SUV brands that meet your needs for power, towing and passenger-hauling ability. When you are ready to make a purchase, be sure to get multiple price quotes and choose the one that is most competitive.

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