5 Popular Minivan Accessories to Consider

January 27, 2012

When it comes to popular minivan accessories, there are many options out there for you to consider. Minivans are often family cars, meaning that children will be in the car. On a longer trip, you will need to entertain them in some way to keep them at bay till you get there, or else you will hear the never ending phrase "Are we there yet?". In addition to that, there are some options to increase the usability of your minivan. Many minivans can come equipped with these accessories. 


Entertainment is important on a road trip. Luxurious minivans offer the option of having television screens installed in to the back of the head seats, as well above connected to the roof. These screens can be then linked in to a variety of different things. You can have your children plug their favorite video game console in there, or a VHS/DVD player to watch your favorite movies. Some of the more expensive models can actually have the televisions linked to satellite, and allow your children to watch top kids channels such as the Disney Channel, Cartoon Network, or Nickelodeon. If you don't go the TV route, you can always go the audio route. Buy a subscription plan to satellite radio to get hundreds of radio stations. You can also get an USB interface or iPod dock for your car. Either way, it makes it easy to play your favorite downloaded tunes from your MP3 player. One last option are wireless headphones. This way people who want to listen what is on can, and those that don't, won't have to.


Minivan size is an important attribute for a minivan. Many families need tons of space, that just may not be in the car. Having a roof rack installed can add space since you can then tie things up on the roof. From the rack, you can then also get bike, ski, or other attachments to make carrying sports equipment easier. In the trunk, you can also get items such as cargo nets, or cargo totes, to arrange your gear.


Since many go on trips with their minivan, a GPS navigation system would be a great purchase. Not only could it come in handy to getting you around on your vacation, but it can be used anywhere, even when you are home. These systems make it easier than trying to fumble with directions or by looking at a map.

Electric Blanket

Often times you don't see this, except for in minivans, due to the trip factor. You can buy an electric blanket that plugs right into the power outlet, or lighter, in the car. The blanket then can get warm so you have a nice and cozy ride to your destination.


Many like to protect the outside of their car. Every car is different, but most manufacturers offer some type of protective film you can put on your car. It is transparent, meaning it is clear and you won't even see it on there. 

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