A Cargo Minivan Buying Guide

January 27, 2012

Although large cargo vans have found amazing popularity among van buyers, cargo minivans do have their own population of interested buyers. When buying a minivan, it is important to consider the minivan size as per the requirements. Its important to have a good idea of what you want. Before buying, thoroughly compare minivans and find out the one that suits the purpose best. 

Things to Keep in Mind

Before buying a minivan, a survey of the market is very important to compare minivans and select the most purposeful. Internet can be a very useful way of surveying and comparing different models. While comparing minivans, these things need to be considered:


Three commercial cargo minivan sizes are available: compact, regular and large. The fist thing that needs to be taken notice of is that how much carrier space is required. Compact cargo minivans are good to maneuver household stuff and other light weight items. While regular sized minivan can be used to carry medium sized items like house hold stuff and carry out small commercial endeavors, the large sized cargo minivans are for heavy stuff and good for contractors. 


For larger minivans that carry heavy stuff, a larger engine will also be required. While a V8 or V10 engine should be opted for heavy loads, a V6 power engine is the standard among the cargo minivans.

Fuel Economy

A bigger engine means, lower fuel economy. Similarly, all wheel drive (AWD) minivans are bound to be less fuel efficient than the two-wheel drive vehicles.


A cargo minivan should serve the basic purpose of carriage. There are a lot of features that can be included/added to the minivan to make it luxurious. A basic minivan can set you back by around 20 to 25 thousand dollars whereas a fully loaded one will cost you around 40 thousand. Every luxury will add to the cost. So, its very important to keep an eye at the budget when buying a cargo minivan. A valid bargain with the dealer can bring down the cost a little to save on the total price.


Safety is important in all form of transportation, and minivans are one of the safest vehicles around. Features like airbags, braking system and a good look at the vehicle's crash test score can help you determine if the minivan is safe enough for you.

Passenger Comfort

The seating in the van should be comfortable for those long journeys while transporting goods or moving loads. Easily adjustable seats will ensure better flexibility in comfort. Features like coolers and heater can be a matter of preference depending upon the kind of place where the vehicle is supposed to ply.

After the minivan has been selected, it is important to find the nearest dealer. A fair trade may turn out to be expensive just because of the transportation cost of the vehicle. A dealer that is nearby is always preferable than one that is far away.