Buying Lifted Trucks: How to Get a Lifted Truck for Cheap

April 5, 2012

You may have to pay a premium on the maintenance and gas mileage of a lifted truck, but there are ways to save money on the purchase of lifted trucks.

Lifted Truck

Lifted trucks offer advantages such as improved off road capabilities, improved resale value and a commanding view of the road. However, there are disadvantages which include expensive parts replacement, higher center of gravity and in most cases, worse gas mileage. Each will be covered to help you choose if buying a lifted truck is in your best interest.


  • For off road purposes, lifting a truck is the best way to improve its performance. The greater suspension travel allows the vehicle to navigate rough, undulating surfaces with less of a chance of the body striking the ground or any object you're trying to drive over. It will also allow for larger tires to be equipped on the vehicle, giving it more ground clearance. More ground clearance also helps it traverse large objects such as logs, rocks and other natural obstacles.
  • Lifts will add resale value to the vehicle. Buying a vehicle that has already been lifted will save the buyer the cost of the hardware, plus the labor charges of installing the lift kit.
  • A lifted vehicle will allow the driver to see over smaller vehicles, which can create a safer driving experience. Possible road hazards can be seen sooner, and the driver will have more time to react to changes in traffic.


  • Although the driver will have a better view of the road, lifting a vehicle also raises the center of gravity. The higher the center of gravity, the more likely it is to roll over during emergency lane change maneuvers.
  • Lifted vehicles use specialized shock absorbers, which are much more expensive than normal shocks. In addition to new shocks, often brake line extensions, steering extension and bumper relocation brackets may be required, depending on the type of lift kit used.
  • Rarely will you find a lifted truck that still has the stock tires on it. Larger off road tires are not designed to maximize road performance. They will lower your gas mileage, wear out quicker and handle poorer on paved surfaces.

Knowing what types of lifts are installed in vehicles and identifying which one will serve you best will make your buying experience a pleasant one.

How to Get Lifted Trucks for Cheap

  1. Decide what you're looking for. The first step toward buying the pre-designed lifted truck for you is to determine exactly what it is you're looking for in a vehicle of this type. How large would you like the truck to be? How high off of the ground? The truck itself is also an important decision to make. Virtually any standard sized truck can be lifted to a certain extent or another. Take some time to look around at various truck options in your area. You may also wish to consult with a custom truck body modifications expert for advice as to which types of vehicles will best meet your individual needs as well.
  2. Contact dealers. Next, you'll need to keep an eye out for trucks of the type that you're looking for in your area. Some dealers will sell lifted trucks, but you may be more likely to find them through alternative means, like custom shops. Look online through the different dealerships and custom shops in your area and make a list of places to contact. You can also look in the local phone directory for a list of places as well. Compile them together into one single list, including contact information for each. Next, you'll need to contact each of these potential sources and inquire about their lifted truck selection. Be prepared to have to repeatedly contact them over the course of several weeks or months in order to find what you're looking for.
  3. Check local listings. The local classified ads and auctions in your town or city may be another great way to track down the truck of your dreams. This has the added benefit of giving you the opportunity to negotiate with a private owner, which may allow you to get a better deal on your truck, or to pay less for it than you otherwise would have. You can also offer other vehicles and items in trade through this means as well.

For more information about lifted trucks in your area and finding the truck that you would like, contact truck professionals.

How to Get the Best Deal on Lifted Trucks

  1. Search online. If you're interested in purchasing a lifted or modified truck, you may want to begin by conducting a thorough search of the dealerships and mechanics in your area. Look online for car dealers and sellers in your location, and be sure to include any specifics about the particular truck you're looking for as well. Many locations have specialized car dealerships that work with modified vehicles such as lifted trucks. In other cases, you may find that there are fellow lifted truck enthusiasts in the area who can provide you with additional information. There are even lifted truck interest groups and clubs, which are excellent sources of information about the best local deals on these vehicles.
  2. Speak with a mechanic. A mechanic who specializes in working on these modified vehicles may be able to offer you additional insight into where you can find lifted trucks for sale in your area. Be prepared to widen your search to contain other cities around you. Particularly if you live in a low-population or suburban area. Mechanics can also be helpful when it comes to finding a used lifted truck for purchase. These can sometimes be the best deals possible, because you have the opportunity to bargain and negotiate a bit more than you would if you're purchasing the vehicle directly from a dealer. Check the classified ads and newspapers in your area for more information about local private owners selling lifted trucks.
  3. Modify your own truck. If you're unable to find a pre-made lifted truck in your area, or if these vehicles are too expensive for your budget, you may have more luck modifying a truck yourself. This option allows you the most flexibility in selecting the design and style for your truck. Many lifted truck owners purchased standard vehicles and later make modifications to them, either by themselves or with the help of a mechanic. Fellow truck owners in your area may be able to offer additional advice about the best way to find a good deal on making your own lifted truck.

Why You Should Buy a Lifted Truck

A lifted truck, often referred to as a 4x4 truck, is a modified vehicle specially designed for off road driving and other types of high-impact work. Generally, a lifted truck has the main frame and chassis raised up one or more feet above where it would normally sit on top of the tires. The wheels on most lifted trucks are quite a bit larger than those on standard-sized trucks. The reason that these trucks are ideally suited for off road driving is that the body of the truck is protected by the fact that it's several feet away from the ground, meaning that it's less likely to come into collision with the ground or other objects on the ground. Purchasing a lifted truck can be somewhat difficult, because these rare vehicles are hard to come by in some locations.

Related Questions and Answers

Are Big Lifted Trucks More Likely to Crash or Flip in Off-Roading?

Yes, big lifted trucks are more likely to crash or flip when off-roading. The occurrence of a major rollover accident is increased because lifted trucks have beefier suspensions that require greater travel than a more modest truck or one that is not lifted at all. When off-roading, big lifted trucks must rebound after they jump in the air and make contact with the ground. It is at this point of rebound that big lifted trucks are likely to crash or flip, because it can be difficult to control the bouncing. Especially when the bouncing effect is multiplied, because of the big lifted truck's height and beefed up suspension.

What Are Common Reasons for Being Pulled Over in Custom Lifted Trucks?

Common reasons for being pulled over in custom lifted trucks are generally related to the legality of a custom lifted vehicle in the jurisdiction in which you are traveling. In order to avoid complications, be sure to check state and local laws before venturing on a long trip, as this can save you the headaches of getting pulled over or even getting a ticket. Additionally, custom lifted trucks are more likely to be pulled over because they are easy to identify. If you are driving aggressively in a lifted vehicle, it is a lot easier to spot the infraction and track your lifted truck down.

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