Are Diesel Maintenance Costs Similar to Gasoline Cars?

February 21, 2012

Diesel maintenance is cheaper overall, since diesel engines have fewer problems than gas engines; but diesels are more expensive when they need repairs.

Diesel Car Detail

Diesel maintenance generally will not cost you more than for a gasoline powered version, depending upon the type of diesel car that you have.

Differences in Rates of Maintenance
One of the things that you may notice with a diesel car is that it needs to be maintained much less often than a gasoline car. There are two reasons for this. The first is that the engine of the diesel does not need to use spark plugs. These are a common part of gasoline engine maintenance, and without these, the diesel can stay away from the garage. In addition, the car needs less maintenance than the gasoline version, overall, due to greater engine efficiency, and reduced wear and tear upon the engine. This means that, in part, it is more economical to buy a diesel engine if you travel more than to the supermarket and back every day, as the higher cost of maintenance will be offset by lesser demand for maintenance with a diesel car.

While there are higher maintenance charges for the diesel car, this are reduced by fewer requirements for maintenance, and the efficiency of the car itself, which means that you will save money even if these costs are higher, simply by getting money back from the lower running costs.

How to Improve Diesel Performance

You may be keen to improve your diesel performance. In most modern vehicles, you should be able to improve the power in your car by using something called a diesel performance chip. This little device can be attached to the car by your garage, or it may be fitted as standard to your new diesel engine. Once you have this chip, there are many things that you can do to improve performance.

Add More Fuel
If you want more fuel to flow to your engine at once, the chip can be programmed to hold the fuel injection parts open for longer. This allows fuel to flow into the cylinders for a greater length of time. You will end up with more fuel in your engine, which gives it greater power. You should always be careful about the amount of fuel you are lining up into the engine, as you don't want to create an excess amount which can cause it to spill fuel into the body of the hood. It might come into contact with hot parts of the engine. You also don't want large amounts of fuel being ignited by the hot air, which can result in an explosion.

Increase Pressure
Putting more pressure on the fuel lines which carry diesel into the engine, means you will have more fuel being forced through these lines, speeding up the process by which you get fuel into the engine. This is another way in which you can enhance the diesel performance of your engine.

Only Use Premium Fuel
Despite their good effects on the environment, bio-diesel and other home-made brands of fuel such as black diesel will not improve the performance of your car. These are good to use if you are only interested in diesel cars for their fuel efficiency and environmental benefits. If you want better performance from your car, then you should avoid anything but premium diesel fuels. It is a trade-off between pollution and speed in the diesel-powered vehicle.

Related Questions and Answers

Are Used Diesel Engine Parts More Costly Because Diesel Maintenance is Expensive?

Used diesel engine parts were much more expensive in the past when diesel cars were new on the market, and rarer than gasoline powered cars, but now they are relatively common and the maintenance is no longer more expensive. The maintenance cost is also dependent on the type of diesel car more than the fuel that powers it. When they are not freely available or have to be specially ordered, used diesel engine parts can cost more. Though, the chances of needing used diesel engine parts are less, because diesel cars need less maintenance than gasoline cars since the diesel engine does not need spark plugs. Diesel maintenance is not more expensive if you find the correct mechanic.

Does Sythentic Diesel Engine Oil Reduce Costs for Maintenance?

There are many advantages in using synthetic diesel engine oil, and it may reduce maintenance costs in the long run, but the short term benefits are enough to sell these products. Synthetic diesel engine oil resists heat within the engine and breakdown which protects the car longer. Because it is more heat resistant and has a lower volatility, there will be less evaporation than petroleum oils, and there is less emissions into the environment. Synthetic diesel engine oil leads to better fuel economy, which saves maintenance costs, as there are fewer trips to the gas station. Synthetic diesel engine oil has extended drain capabilities, high detergency levels and less oxidation and deposits.

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