Best Car for Advertising: Vehicle Wraps, Paid to Driver Programs and Vehicle Graphics

January 27, 2012

Customizing a car for advertising purposes is something done by individual drivers as well as businesses and corporations. Some businesses will pay an individual driver to customize their car for advertising. Either way, it helps to select the best kinds of vehicles for a specific advertising initiative. Some basic guidelines apply to buying cars for advertising purposes, and as more and more businesses use this advertising method, some popular trends have emerged.

Late-Model Cars for Advertising

Many marketing experts would agree that late-model vehicles are much better for showing off company brands or logos. As cars and trucks go through periodic redesigns, their shapes tend to get more modernized. Rounded contours and flashy layering are examples of how newer cars have a much better visual appeal than cars in the 1990 to 2000 model range that tend to look more like something out of an old movie. That’s why a lot of advertisers prefer to use the newest vehicles possible.

Fuel Economy for Advertising Cars

Not all of the advertising that happens with customized vehicles happens in traffic. In fact, these cars can be very effective even when they are parked, especially in cities, where they get a lot of attention from pedestrian traffic. However, some advertisers pay by the mile, making fuel economy important for advertising vehicles. Many advertisers choose tiny compact cars like the SmartCar or similar pint-sized personal vehicles for their branding efforts.

Hybrid Engines for Advertising Cars

A hybrid vehicle is also becoming a popular way to advertise for a business. With a capacity of over 30 or 40 miles per gallon with some models, hybrids satisfy the fuel economy standards mentioned above.  In addition, some kinds of businesses that are promoting “green” products or companies do well by harnessing their message to the rising star of the hybrid engine design. Using a hybrid can cause powerful consumer associations on the street, and Toyota Prius, as well as other new hybrids, are  top choices for advertising cars.

Custom Trucks and Vans for Advertising

In some advertising scenarios, a larger vehicle is more desirable. This applies to ads that are linked to more aggressive marketing for products with a certain kind of appeal. In some cases, a customized Ford Transit Connect or Chevy HHR does the job quite nicely. Contractors and others might also use a specialized kind of work van or truck for advertising. A super-sized Ford F150 or similar truck custom-painted with a flashy graphic can really get an ad message across. In other cases, advertisers may even choose larger-than-life specialty vehicles like Hummers, vehicles that observers just can’t help but notice when they roll down the street.

All of the above choices are popular with certain marketing professionals and advertisers, where style and other factors apply to making the best decisions on representing a business through a vehicle. Roadside advertising has become popular for all kinds of businesses, and making good decisions about custom cars can pay off in the long run.

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