Best Car for Teens: Top Rated Autos for Teenagers and Students

January 27, 2012

Any parent of a teenage son or daughter will likely need to deal with the issue of that child learning how to drive and become independent, and finding suitable cars for teens to drive is a crucial way of helping your child to develop confidence and a sense of responsibility while also setting him or her up to make safe choices and to be happy and healthy. If you find yourself in the position of planning to purchase a new or used vehicle for your teenage child, you should think carefully about the type of car that will be best for him or her before you make a final decision and purchase.


The most important consideration, in all likelihood, is the safety of the vehicle. Simply put, some cars are safer to drive than others. Read online for crash test ratings and other safety reviews of cars in your price range and style guidelines. If at all possible, try to purchase a car on the larger side so that your child will have a size advantage on the road; many larger cars are better able to withstand damage from accidents than smaller cars are.


As a parent, you'll likely be concerned enough over your child's welfare on the road even before considering that his or her vehicle may break down at some point. Learning how to drive can be a difficult process, and it helps immensely to have a vehicle that works reliably and consistently. Again, some cars are more reliable and in need of less maintenance than others; read maintenance reviews for any cars that you're considering in order to get a good sense for the options available to you.


While the style of the car that you purchase for your teen is not typically an important quality, you'll want to make sure that the car that you buy is not going to be one that will purposefully instill bad driving behavior in your child. Avoid flashy and overly powerful vehicles that may prompt your son or daughter to drive too fast or to drive recklessly. These include sports cars and other racing types of vehicles. Similarly, you'll likely want to ensure that your child doesn't carry too many friends in the car at once, so avoid a vehicle with huge amounts of seating if you think that may be a concern.


If you plan to have your child maintain and pay for other parts of the vehicle, you should help him or her to avoid spending great amounts of money by purchasing a car that is economical. Look for cars that have a high gas mileage rating and which can be driven for low amounts of money.

Work with your son or daughter to find a car that will suit their needs while matching up with your guidelines as a parent. Stand firm in your decision and do not be afraid to revoke driving rights if your child deserves it.

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