Best Diesel Gas Mileage Cars and Trucks

March 18, 2013

If you are shopping for cars and trucks with the best fuel economy, you may be interested that the diesel gas mileage offered by newer diesel powered vehicles is very impressive. Many diesel engine powered cars now get better than 40 MPG on the highway and more than 30 MPG when driving around town. Diesel truck mileage is also much better than gasoline engine powered equivalents in many cases.

Not only does new cleaner burning add to diesel fuel economy, it also helps protect our environment. What are the best vehicles? Check out this diesel mileage comparison of some of the highest rated diesel vehicles.

The Best Diesel Cars

The following are the most fuel efficient 2010 model diesel cars as listed by FuelEconomy.Gov.

2010 Volkswagen Golf

Average Fuel Economy - 34 Miles Per Gallon (30 MPG in the city and 42 MPG on the highway)

With a compact 2.0 liter engine, the Volkswagen Golf gets excellent fuel economy and leads a very small carbon footprint. Even with an automatic transmission, this vehicle still gets the best fuel economy among popular small diesel cars.

2010 Volkswagen Jetta

Average Fuel Economy - 34 Miles Per Gallon (30 MPG in the city and 42 MPG on the highway)

Volkswagen is in a class all by itself when it comes to creating fuel-efficient diesel cars. Therefore, it is no surprise that Volkswagen holds both the number one and number two spot on our list of best diesel cars. If you drive a Volkswagen Jetta, an average of 15,000 miles per year, it will cost you less than $1,400 at the pump. The Volkswagen Jetta uses the same engine as the Golf and is as equally impressive when it comes to being stingy with the fuel.

2010 Audi A3

Average Fuel Economy - 34 Miles Per Gallon (30 MPG in the city and 42 MPG on the highway)

Although Volkswagen produces many of the most fuel-efficient vehicles around, they certainly don't have a monopoly on cars that get good diesel gas mileage. The Audi A3 is a little more luxurious than either of the Volkswagen vehicles and also gets the same fuel economy. Billed as an entry level luxury car, the Audi A3 is perfect for the car owner that cares about image, but also wants to save money at the pump.

The Best Diesel Trucks

Looking for a full-size pickup truck that also gets excellent fuel economy? Then check out a couple of the best American made heavy-duty pickup trucks with diesel engines.

2011 Ford F-250 Super Duty Diesel

Average Fuel Economy - 19 Miles Per Gallon (16 MPG in the city and 21 MPG on the highway)

This pickup truck offers an amazing 390 horsepower, 735 foot pounds of torque and still gets an average fuel economy of 19 Miles per gallon. That is simply amazing for a pickup truck of this size. The new 6.7 L Power Stroke diesel engine used by the Ford vehicle is the best in its class--both in terms of power and fuel economy.

2010 Dodge Ram 2500 Diesel

Average Fuel Economy - 20 Miles Per Gallon (18 MPG in the city and 22 MPG on the highway)

Motor Trend Magazine's 2010 'Truck of the Year', the Dodge Ram 2500 diesel uses a Cummings 6.7 liter diesel engine that produces an impressive 350 horsepower and 650 foot pounds of torque. The super truck gets an impressive 22 miles per gallon on the highway and can tow up to 13,350 pounds.

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