Best New Cars for Teenagers

January 27, 2012

Families and Teens who are looking for the best new cars for new drivers can check out some of these top choices that help teenagers everywhere to stay on the road safely and with an eye toward a household budget. Teenagers who are car connoisseurs tend to gravitate toward the kind of specialty luxury vehicles that will end up costing them an arm and a leg in insurance premiums. However, for a teen who is just learning, vulnerable to a fender bender, and ineligible for decent insurance rates, these hyped-up vehicles are not the way to go. Lots of experts suggest starting out a teenager on an older model of a solid, safe sedan.

Honda Civic 

This attractive, gas-saving sedan is a best in show for families in general and teenagers in particular. Its efficient design and reputation for longevity makes it a safe bet.

Honda Fit

With 5-Star crash ratings, as well as lots of safety features like Vehice Stability Assist, the Honda Fit is a popular choice for young drivers who can take advantage of its engineering to experience the road for the first time safely. In style and comfort.

Mitsubishi Lancer

The Lancer includes a lot of standard safety features, which makes it a good buy for a younger driver.

Ford Fusion

Consumer Reports recommends this one as an American model that is safe for young drivers on the road.

Toyota Camry and Corolla 

These two, also Consumer Reports picks for teenage drivers, hold their value, not as luxury or specialty cars, but as solid family sedans with good engine and transmission longevity.

Those looking to outfit a teenager with the best ride possible can look for cars where safety features come standard, and where good engineering promotes overall safety on the road. Families and Teens should look for cars with a lot of standard safety features like antilock brake systems and airbags to give the best chance of avoiding an unfortunate accident on the road.

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Why Do You Sometimes Get Tax Credit When Buying a New Car?

The tax credit for a new car comes with the territory. For example, farm vehicles that are required to pay special motor fuel taxes, are given tax credits. Businesses, as the year ends, are given incentives to purchase new vehicles. When they purchase these new vehicles - pickups, mostly - they can receive up to $20,000 or more in tax credits. Then, there's the rapidly winding-down energy tax credit for hybrids, due to expire at the end of December. What most people don't know is there's another tax credit for all-electric vehicles that will continue until 2014, and there is still another available for fuel-cell vehicles. It is an effort to stimulate farming and new fuel technology.

What Type of Cars Provide for the Best Young Driver Car Insurance Rates?

Analysts for the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and the American Automobile Association agree that though most young drivers will not want this vehicle, the best car for the best young driver car insurance rates is a relatively late-model mid-sized sedan. It has the best safety features such as six-way head air curtain protection, side-impact airbags and dual-mode front airbags, along with full roll protection. It may not be the first choice of young drivers, but it is by far the most practical and safest. It will also help keep your rates down. Also, ensure that your teen driver has passed a reputable driving course for any savings that might accrue.

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