Buying a Muscle Car for Sale: Lowering the Price

January 27, 2012

There are many tactics you can use when looking at a muscle car sale, no matter if you are buying a new, restored or used muscle car. You can find some great cheap classic cars, as older cars that have not been restored are very affordable.

Research Costs

Before you visit any dealer or individual offering classic used cars or new muscle cars, you need to research the price. For new cars this means looking up the sticker price, known as the MSRP. For used cars you want to look at the current value for a completely restored car and a used, but not restored model. This is the start of all negotiations.

Where to Find the Car

When looking for muscle cars there are several places to search. There are car dealerships that specialize in muscle cars where you can find a classic car or used car. If you are looking to restore a car, then you should search online and go to muscle car forums and groups. If you cannot find the car you are interested in, then someone should be able to point you in the right direction.

Tips on Buying Restored Cars

There are quick checks to determine if the muscle car has been restored or it is an original model in pristine condition. You should open the car door to see if there is any paint on bolts and hinges. Original paint jobs will not have any paint, as the pieces are painted and then attached to the car. Make sure all the emblems are correct and the engine parts have the correct brands and emblems. Finding a true and authentic restored vehicle can be difficult.

Rebates and Incentives

When purchasing from a dealer, you need to factor in any rebates and incentives. Rebates normally come in the form of cash back and are used as advertising to get you interested. Some dealers will offer further rebates if you get financing through the dealer. Most incentives are specifically for the dealer and are offered from the factory to the dealer. You can only get this if you inquire about any incentives because they are not advertised. 

What is Included in the Invoice

The final price of the car will have many factors, which will include the delivery, advertising, rebates and the invoice price. You can also factor in any hidden incentives. Be aware the dealer is out to make a profit, and most will not go under a 3% holdback. The final price may be higher than the agreed upon price of the car, and this should be something you factor into your budget.

Trading In

If you are trading your car in when purchasing the new one, you should have a good idea of how much it is worth before negotiating.. You will now have two negotiations as you are dealing for the price of your trade-in and then negotiating for the new car.