Certified Pre Owned Warranty Definition: What's Really Covered

January 27, 2012

If you are looking for a certified pre owned warranty, there are some things that you should know before you buy. When you get a warranty like this, you are actually getting two warranties in most cases. Typically, the normal lease term is 36 months, or three years for regular cars. These cars are then turned into certified pre owned vehicles if they meet the inspections. Those cars have original manufacturer warranties, and if you buy a certified vehicle that still has part of the original warranty, then you are eligible to keep that. The original warranties are usually longer than lease term, so often times there is still time left. On top of that, certified pre owned vehicles then have their own warranty which is extended and starts after the original warranty is done. This extension is usually for two to three years after the original warranty ends. You should check out the details of the warranties you look at because every company is different, so you should always compare auto warranties first. This will also help you figure out if any warranties are better than competitor's warranties. These used car auto coverage plans do cover a lot of things, such as the powertrain (engine & transmission) but may not cover other things you need. You may fall in love with one car, but realize that the warranty is not good, and that can ultimately be a deciding factor when it comes to your next used car purchase. Certified pre owned buying seems to be the way to go if you are looking for quality used cars.

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