Clean Diesel Fuel: Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

January 27, 2012

Clean diesel fuel is a fuel source which aims to be more environmentally friendly than standard diesel. It also has additional advantages in the way that it is managed, letting it provide a longer lasting fuel for your engine. While diesel cars in general have become more popular it is really clean diesel technology which has really advanced progress on energy efficiency and environmentally friendly fuel. If you are looking for a cleaner fuel for your car, then clean diesel outperforms even treated fuel as the advantage energy of the future.

What Is Clean Diesel?

Clean diesel is usually described as a fuel which is low in sulfurs, which mean that the engines burn the liquid more cleanly, and, so long as the engine itself is designed to be environmentally friendly, will pollute the environment a lot less than ordinary systems. TDI and hybrid engines which have been converted into less pollutants can use clean diesel as a standard fuel, and this means that they produce a lot less pollution than the standard item. Hybrid and TDI engines are usually fitted with filters and catalytic converters which can burn off nitrous oxide (or NOx), which is a big cause of pollution from diesel engines.

Clean Diesel Makes a Difference

Clean diesel can make a big difference to the environment, and is one of the few fuels which are supported by the Environmental Protection Agency. The diesel is known as an Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel, and it has around 15 parts of sulfur per million of air, rather than the 500 parts per million of typical diesel engines. Studies have shown that clean diesel produces nearly 40 percent less diesel particles than ordinary fuel, which is a significant difference, and as a result the Clean Diesel has been called a lean burn technology by the government agency. Because of this designation people who use Clean Fuels can claim over a thousand dollars worth of tax credits. This means that users can both help the environment, and assist their own wallets at the same time. Another advantage of the new fuel is that the engine works better, and allows it to be more efficient when compared to typical gasoline cars.

As well as the benefits of clean diesel, there are many good reasons for using it in a modern diesel cars. The diesel vehicle has been improved a long way from when they were first invented, meaning that the engine is now a lot quieter, and there is much less smoke than in previous decades. TDI engines have been a great advancement in the use of diesel in cars, and utilizing a clean diesel fuel means that you also have the advantages of heating a fuel without having to risk the spark which is a typical part of the gasoline car experience. In all, clean diesel is a great invention which can really benefit you, your car, and the environment.