Cyclone Fuel Saver Scams to Be Aware Of

January 27, 2012

There are a variety of cyclone fuel saver devices on the market that claim to increase fuel economy and boost power. These devices go by a variety of names and sell for a variety of prices, but the basic principle behind their function is the same. While all of them install in about 5 to 10 minutes, actual results never seem to match their manufacturer's claims.

How They Work in Theory


The basic principle behind cyclone, typhoon and other related types of fuel savers, is that by placing a device in the intake stream of your engine, a vortex like effect will be created in the airflow as it enters the engine. This vortex is said to allow a more complete mixing of fuel and air which allows for a more complete burn which creates more power and requires less fuel.

How They Work in Reality


By placing one of these fuel savers in your intake tract you obstruct airflow which in turn limits how much air the engine can ingest. The less air the engine can ingest, the less power it will make. By putting one of these fuel savers in your engine, the only thing you will be reducing is power and drivability. Tests by consumer reporting groups have even showed as much as a 20% increase in fuel consumption by using these devices. In addition to these downsides, the design of many of these devices is shoddy as best. Should one of these devices fall apart, the only place their pieces have to go is inside your engine.

If you are interested in reducing fuel consumption, a sure-fire way is to adjust your driving habits. Maintaining a constant speed, accelerating more gently from stop lights, and keeping your car in a good state of repair will do far more than any fuel saver scam ever could. Don’t be fooled by miracle devices whose only true purpose is to reduce the amount of money in your wallet.

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