Diesel Car Fuel: How Higher Oil Prices Effect it in Comparison to Unleaded Gasoline

January 27, 2012

One of the concerns about diesel car fuel is that because of the rise in oil prices, diesel will always be more expensive than regular gas. The concern from this is that it will then cost too much to drive these diesel vehicles, and that it would be more better cost-wise to go back to a gasoline engine. The truth is that as oil prices fluctuate, there is a small percentage of the diesel powered population that is affected.

Diesel Costs vs. Gas

Oil prices have a direct bearing on both diesel fuel and gasoline. As oil prices rise, so does the cost of refining the oil into a usable product for burning in cars. What people should be looking at, however, is not the actual cost of the fuel, but the cost of running the vehicle. This is a big distinction, as a diesel engine does get better gas mileage than its gas powered counterpart. 

Diesel Engine Performance

A diesel engine operates in a little bit different way than a gas powered engine. The way that diesel is engineered, it doesn't need to have the same kind of combustion process as a gas powered car. Instead of mixing together with air at the top of the cylinder, a diesel engine does not mix the two until the point of igniting. Air in a diesel engine is compressed first and heated because of this process. Once the air has been compressed to the ignition point, the diesel is injected as a mist. This produces the small explosion in the cylinder which pushes the piston. This process is remarkably more efficient, as there is no worry about left over gas in the cylinder, or about the ratio of the mixture. 

Diesel Fuel Economy

Rising oil prices affected a great deal of people who had diesel engines when they rose sharply over a short period of time. Most of the people affected were in the transportation industry. Regular drivers of smaller sedans, pickup trucks and SUVs, while they did notice an impact, quickly realized that it was not as bad as the problem for gas powered drivers. It is a matter of simple match. If you use diesel car fuel, you are getting better gas mileage for your vehicle. As prices rise, you will be paying more, but will still be realizing a savings over cars that do not receive as good of gas mileage. Gas powered vehicles really felt the crunch of higher oil prices, because they were not saving anything over diesel engines to begin with. 

Better Engineered Fuel

Rising oil prices forced many people to change the way that they drive. It also made it clear to car manufacturers that they had to work harder to make their cars more energy efficient. Diesel car fuel is now in a place where it runs cleaner, more efficient and helps boost diesel miles per gallon to a higher range. With the invention of biodiesel, the gas mileage has been extended and the prices have remained stable. Rising oil prices do have an affect on the diesel and gas powered cars, but the built in benefits of diesel powered cars makes the rise bearable.

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