Dodge Warranty: Coverage Options with Price, Mileage, and Condition Pinpoints

January 27, 2012

The Dodge warranty guarantee that comes along with a new or used vehicle that you purchase represents the manufacturer's promise of the quality of the parts of the vehicle that they've sold to you. The warranty serves as a guarantee that the parts that were manufactured by Dodge are of high enough quality that they will last without suffering damage or breaking. Like Chrysler service contracts, Dodge warranty promises are valid for either a length of time after you purchased the vehicle or for a certain number of miles driven. There are two primary types of Dodge warranty; the standard factory warranty that comes included with the vehicle at the time of purchase, or the Dodge lifetime warranty or extended warranty, which costs an additional fee.

Dodge Factory Warranty

The standard Dodge factory warranty can be broken down into several different components. The most important and widest ranging one of these is the bumper to bumper coverage plan. Like the name implies, this warranty protects nearly every part of the vehicle for the duration of the guarantee, which is either 3 years or 36,000 driven miles, whichever comes first. The only exceptions to this protection are parts that are designed to break down after a certain amount of time anyway, including brake pads, oil filters and similar components.

Another facet of the standard factory warranty for vehicles made on or after the 2006 model year is the lifetime powertrain warranty. The powertrain consists of your vehicles engine, transmission system, drive shaft, braking system and more. The warranty protection is available on most Dodge vehicles but is not transferrable if you should buy a used Dodge or if you sell your vehicle that is protected under warranty. As the name suggests, this warranty is valid for the entire lifetime of the vehicle when you own it.

Dodge Extended Warranty

Dodge's extended warranty plans offer added protection over the basic warranties. These cost an additional fee, however. Depending upon the year and make of vehicle that you have, the extended warranty may cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars up to several thousand dollars. You'll need to speak with a Dodge dealer for additional information.

The extended warranty options add lifetime to the standard warranty protection. You can increase the bumper to bumper warranty by several thousand miles or by additional years. Other extended warranty options also add additional coverage to parts of the car that are not already covered under the standard warranty as well, such as corrosion damage and replaceable parts.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that you can purchase aftermarket warranty protection from third party dealers. If your Dodge vehicle is in less than perfect condition, or if you've purchased a Dodge that is no longer under the original factory warranty, you can add warranty coverage back into your vehicle purchase by working with one of several third party warranty providers.

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