Everything You Need to Know About Muscle Car Rims and Tires

January 27, 2012

It is extremely important you know exactly which muscle car tires and rims will be the best for your vehicle. Looks are of course important, but performance should hold a great deal of pertinence as well. Below is a guide to help you understand the different factors around rims and tires.

Simple Replacements

Probably the easiest thing you can do is simply go to your local tire company and buy the exact same ones that are already on the car. This will save a lot of time and probably a lot of money. However, this may not be what you really want. If you do not like how the cars original tires and rims look or perform, you will need to do some more research. 

Tire Sizes

Check out the tires that are currently on your car and write down all the numbers and information you see on the sides of your tires. These particular numbers all have meaning. One is for actual size, one is for the speed value and the other numbers represent various information for that model. The size of the tire is probably the most important number. If your current tire is 16” wheel then it would be perfectly alright to up size so to speak to a size 17” tire. You can actually increase the tires as much as you want, as long as there is enough room on the car to support that. You may, however, need new rims to accommodate bigger cars. 

Tire Tread

Tread is also very important. You need to take note of the type of tread tires have and how long those tires with that particular tread will like. To get a better understanding about tread, your best bet is to refer to the Uniform Tire Quality Grading rating. All companies who produce tires are required by law to have their tires rated using this grading system. Weather it has an effect on your tires, and tires with a higher grade rating are going to last a lot longer despite the weather. If you have a tire with a 125 rating and another one is rated at 100, this means the one with a 125 rating is going to have a 25% longer lifespan than the one with the 100 rating. Think about getting a tread for performance or durability, depending on which one you want. Sound is also a factor you might want to consider. Some tires have tread that makes a lot more noise on the road than others do.

Tire Speed Value

All tires are also given a speed value. That is the maximum speed a tire can operate under before it will blow out. Low profile tires may look attractive on some cars, but any low profile tire will not last as long as a high profile one. Low profile tires damage easier and don't have a smooth ride over pot holes, but they do handle easier than higher profile tires. 


When it comes to rims, it's mainly about cosmetics. You can buy chrome or black rims for your muscle car, or you can pick from a variety of other colors. Just make sure the rims you choose correspond to the tires you are going to put on the vehicle. You must also make sure the rims will fit your car specifically, as bolt patterns change from one car to the next.

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