Extended Hyundai Warranty: Coverage Options with Price, Mileage, and Condition Pinpoints

January 27, 2012

When an original Hyundai factory warranty has expired, a consumer ought to protect himself with an extended Hyundai warranty. Those who have purchased a used Hyundai are also eligible for an extended warranty. Customers must make sure they understand the deductions applied on the warranty. The price of the warranty depends on the deductible provisions that the customers agree to pay. However, customers must ascertain the type of deductible offered whether it is per visit or per repair deductions. A per-visit deductible implies that customers will have to pay a certain amount each time they visit the shop regardless of the number of parts repaired. A per-repair deductible is charged on the repair of every serviced part. This difference between the types of deductibles may seem minor but can have a major monetary implication under certain circumstances. One major advantage is that a Hyundai warranty transfer is possible under all types of coverage.

Extended auto warranties are not available cheaply as the cost of repairs or replacements can be substantial. Additionally, people who trade their vehicles after a few years of purchasing them and those who take it on lease and then return the car at the end of the lease may have no use for extended auto warranty.

A Hyundai extended warranty eliminates the worry of costly repairs, with an option of warranty coverage up to 100,000 miles. The extended warranty covers every major component of the vehicle including roadside assistance. Moreover, an extended warranty begins from the date of purchase, which means that the warranty is available for the full term and not from the original service date. One of the main advantages of a Hyundai extended warranty is that it can be used at any licensed repair facility.  

Powertrain Warranties

This warranty includes engine, transmission, drive axles, and transfer case. However, actual coverage varies between companies. This warranty is essential since it covers the most costly repairs. Moreover, this is the least expensive coverage.

Powertrain Plus   

This coverage is designed for Hyundai vehicles models that give a higher mileage. It includes Powertrain components and additional components such as electrical, steering, fuel and braking, cooling and air conditioning system with coverage up to 150,000 miles.

Full Coverage / Gold Coverage

This coverage is self-explanatory and includes Powertrain Plus components and hi-tech electrical components such as cruise control, rear wiper motors, antenna motors and remote keyless entry module to name a few.

A single claim for a major repair costs almost as much as the entire cost of purchasing the warranty. Therefore, extended auto warranty pricing is a very important factor in deciding upon the type and length of extended warranty. The reason that such importance is placed on pricing is that most states do not regulate the coverage amount.

As the vehicle ages and travels more distances, the prices for an extended auto warranty rises. This rise in price is due to the fact that the repair costs for older vehicles are more. Customers must be aware that extended warranty buys total mileage coverage and does not add miles to the current total protection.

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