GE Auto Warranty: Coverage Options with Price, Mileage, and Condition Pinpoints

January 27, 2012

GE Auto Warranty options have been around for more than 25 years and have been very popular among many used car buyers. Their proven track record has been able to help people save billions of dollars in costly repairs. Like many different warranty offerings, GE auto warranty has several price points, options and conditions. 

5 Star Coverage

Much like a bumper to bumper warranty with a new car purchase, this option is the most comprehensive. Everything on the vehicle will be covered including engine, transmission, drive axle, electrical, climate control, steering, all power equipment, suspension, brakes, cooling system, and interior and exterior body components. You get to pick the monthly or mileage term for this comprehensive coverage. If you sell the car before the warranty expires, the new owner can use it to obtain GE auto service. This is most often used with a new car, but can be bought as a separate warranty option on used cars. As far as warranty solutions go, this is a complete coverage warranty.

4 Star and 4 Star Plus Warranty Coverage

The 4 Star GE auto warranty plan is almost as comprehensive as the 5 star warranty. The only difference between the two is that the power components and exterior body parts are not covered. The same features apply that you are able to configure the mileage and monthly terms to your needs and budget. The 4 Star Plus coverage extends this to the power components of the vehicle. 

3 Star and 3 Star Plus Warranty Coverage

When you talk about basic GE auto warranty coverage, the 3 Star is your basic power train warranty. Most used car dealers will have this type of coverage already as part of the purchase price, and standard with any car that leaves their lot. Engine, transmission and drivetrain are the only components that are covered. This is usually a 3 month or 3,000 mile warranty as you buy a used car. However, you may purchase this yourself if you want extended coverage for a longer period of time. 

Certain Conditions Apply

While your GE auto warranty will cover all of the parts of the vehicle that the specific warranty is for, there are going to be some conditions that will affect whether or not it is covered. The main condition being that if the part fails due to any rough driving or neglect on the part of the owner, the coverage will be void. Another condition is that there can't be any alterations made to the vehicle, or any after market add-ons installed that will alter the use of the parts. 

Price Points

Talking about cost and warranties is like talking about insurance costs. You know that you must have the coverage, but could be paying for something that you will never need. Depending on the warranty chosen, and the month/mileage options chosen, the cost of the GE auto warranty will differ dramatically. Ranging from $40 to more than $400, you will have the peace of mind that if something does go wrong you will not need to pay thousands of dollars in costly repairs. 

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