Getting a Japanese Import Car: Exporters, Shipping, and Negotiation

January 27, 2012

A Japanese car import is one of the best car imports all over the world. Aside from the advanced technology of the car and its unique designs, it is also cheaper compared to other cars. Japanese cars have a very good reputation when it comes to performance and maintenance for they have been in the industry for many years, and their annual sales of cars are proof enough of their dominance in the motoring world. There are a lot of manufacturers in Japan who are very popular when it comes to import cars. You can choose between getting a Toyota import car, a Nissan import car, or other Japanese car manufacturers of your liking, follow these simple steps in order for you to get the best Japanese car import out there.

Step 1: Find an Establishment in Japan that Exports Cars out of their Country

You can look for a number of Japan Car exporters through the Internet. Just make sure before you transact with these establishments that you have already checked their background. It is important that you find yourself a reliable exporter for you not to have any problems later on.

Step2: Choose the Japanese Import Car You like

After choosing a number of Japanese car exporters, you can now go through their site and select the car that you want to purchase. When choosing a car, you should be able to select the one which would pass the standards set by your local government regarding car importation. You can also choose cars which are recently released from the Japanese market. Buying these cars direct from Japan is fairly cheaper than buying it direct from your country. The main reason for this is the taxes and custom fees paid.

Step 3: Call or Talk to the Japanese Car Exporter for Negotiation, Payment and Documentation

After you have chosen the Japanese car exporter and the vehicle you want to purchase, the next thing to do is to contact the person who is responsible for exporting cars from Japan and negotiate the terms of the purchase. After you have agreed on the terms and the amount to be paid, an invoice will be sent to you via Fax, which you need to sign to make the transaction binding and legal. This invoice will be returned to the exporter for processing. After the processing, you will be asked to send an upfront payment for the vehicle. This transaction is usually done by a wire transfer from your bank. 

Step 4: Wait for the Car to Be Shipped to Your Country and Pay the Necessary Fees

After the payment has been made, the exporter will have your car shipped to your country. In this instance, the exporter will also send via courier all the documents regarding the purchase and the shipment.  You on the other hand, upon receipt of the documents should pay the balance of the purchase price of the car and shipping fees when required. When your vehicle has arrived in your country, you will be transacting to a customs agent and arrange the papers for entry to your country. In here, you have to pay all the necessary fees in order for you car to be released.

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