Good Cars for Obese People

January 27, 2012

When searching for the most comfortable cars for obese people, you should know that no one vehicle is better than another for every large person. Every one (even large or  obese drivers) is shaped different, and what works for one heavy driver may not be acceptable or comfortable to another. However, there are a few things you should keep in mind when choosing a vehicle for a driver with some extra girth.

Large Cars for Large People

As a general rule of thumb, most large or obese people will find that full-size sedans are usually more comfortable to drive than other types of cars. Also, many large drivers find that mid to full-sized SUVs or pickup trucks also offer more legroom and seating area as well. However, an obese driver should not rule out all smaller or midsize sedans as some German or Japanese made vehicles are designed with larger sized strivers in mind as well.

In fact, many drivers have reported that smaller sedans such as those made by Honda or Toyota are quite comfortable for drivers in the 300 to 400 pound range. However, it should be noted that taller drivers that are overweight may find driving these types of vehicles rather difficult. For very large drivers that are over 6 foot two in height, these persons may find full-size vehicles made by American manufacturers to be much more comfortable.

What to Look for

If you're searching for cars that can easily accommodate obese people, there are several things you should be on the lookout for. For example, obese drivers should always try to drive vehicles that allow them to extend their legs fully as this will allow them to relieve pressure on their midsection and also keep the legs from cramping up over long distances.

Larger people should also try to avoid cars that have bucket seats - especially if the driver is rather large in the hip area. In most vehicles, bucket seats are designed for smaller, thinner drivers. So, cars with bucket seats will usually be rather uncomfortable to larger drivers.

Very large or obese people should try to find vehicles that come with a tilt steering wheel. Tilt steering wheels will allow the driver to adjust the angle of the steering wheel so that a large midsection will not interfere with the proper handling or operation of the vehicle.

Although more expensive, cars with automatic transmissions tend to be easier to operate for obese drivers. In some cases, a manual gearshift may be difficult to operate due to the larger leg and thigh size of an obese driver. Better still are vehicles with a column type shifters (beside the steering wheel) rather than a console gearshift box.

Airbag and Seat Belt Considerations

Obese or overweight drivers should always be aware that airbags that are too close to their midsection or torso may be dangerous. If possible, large drivers should choose a vehicle that allows enough legroom so that there is at least 10 to 12 inches between the steering wheel and midsection area of the driver.

Also, seatbelts may be a problem for very large drivers as most manufacturers only make seatbelts to accommodate drivers up to about 215 pounds as required by federal law. However, many car manufacturers offer custom seatbelts or seatbelt extenders to large drivers at no extra charge. Therefore, when shopping for a vehicle you should ask the dealer about any seatbelt options they may have.

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